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  • Steve S
  • Alex L
  • Chris H
  • Guy F
  • Sean G
  • Jen F
  • Patrick F
  • Jackie P

Steve gives the intro about keeping short, regular meetings.

Review of/actions from last meeting (review list and new actions from the meeting should be raised as issues straight away rather than minuted-and-then-raised-afterwards)

Not many people here were in the last meeting, so we're leaving this for today. (We couldn't find the previous minutes and hadn't prepared. We'll check for the next meeting.)


  • Currently running even, although we've had a slight reduction in permanent deskers, who hasn't been replaced yet.
  • Most of our income comes from permanent deskers, followed by workshop users and regular users.
  • DoES now gets small business rates relief from this year.
  • Sean is on a crusade to increase usage of the space.
  • We're seeing pressure from pure co-working spaces as there are now more in the city, and DoES really needs to decide on and publicise it's USP.
  • Guy talks about he only found DoES almost by accident, asks about the options of a "visit DoES day"/"open day".
  • Discussion about how the website should very clear about DoES's offering, and
  • Guy offered to find some options for re-theming the website.
  • The suggestion is raised that the social media/website/public facing areas should be more coherent.
  • We've agreed that we will look at the website as being more forward facing, and Guy (and Lu) and Steve will make those updates coordinated by Steve.
  • DoES currently has 15 different event groups each month, which several people in the meeting (and in new users outside) are not very aware of.
  • Guy to have a talk with Sean afterwards about some of the possibilities of how training events might work.
  • Alex points out how moneysavingexpert has been very successful with having a very clear funding policy, and that this might then be a benefit for DoES.

Recent Events

Maker Faire

  • Knitic and Made invaders are very popular.
  • There is a cost of attendance, which can put people off.
  • Although the minibus hire did help.
  • JR mentioned at the event that it might be possible to get a DoES discount for a hotel, and will look into the options for next year.
  • December 2017 would be a good time to revisit this.
  • More display items (which we might get from LpoolMakeFest) and some explanation boards would help.
  • Should DoES add another group project for 2018? - Jen will lead this to start after LpoolMakeFest.

Upcoming Events

Make Fest

  • LpoolMakeFest will be taking over the library this year (72 tables) and are full.
  • Some Children in Need funding with I Heart Tech to do some tech outreach with kids from the area.
  • Big Women in Tech area at the front of the library.
  • Jackie is the DoES lead, and DoES has 4 spaces across the event (volunteer positions available).
  • What does DoES want from attending MakeFest?
    • Profile raising
    • Wearables (and other groups)
    • Workshop
    • Need to consolidate the message that DoES is presenting to prospective users.
  • Sean to lead the promotion choices (including the web-direction from above). This might include an A5 flyer design in time MakeFest.

Building Move

  • DoES has become more focused on the move, and we have a good idea of the space and cost requirements available to us.
  • It is important for DoES that we stay in the city centre, although we are looking wider — and have a location map to work to.
  • This means DoES's target is to move in the next 6 months — and the move group is working more, and meeting frequently to keep this on track.
  • DoES is now looking harder at finding places, including talking to the council to find out about empty buildings.


  • Alex asks about if there is any contents cover to items that DoES users have in the space. Sean will have a look at our current cover, and advise if DoES users will need to cover that themselves.
  • Guy asked about if there was a better way of on-boarding new visitors
    • this links in with the stagnated handbook project.
    • Sean has this on his list of things to look at,
    • and Guy offered if he can help with this.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

  • Steve says we're not going to do this now.
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