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Attendees: SG AM PF CT

Review of/actions from last meeting

  • Decide on and publicise USP - carried forward
  • Guy offered to find options for re-theming the website - carried forward
  • Steve to co-ordinate a more forward facing website - carried forward
  • Guy and Seán to discuss possibility of training events - Seán to pursue
  • Seán to lead promotion initiative in conjunction with new website - carried forward
  • Seán to confirm extent of DoES' insurance cover - our cover does not cover users property


  • Financials are displaying a downward trend, although this month looks like it is mainly down to late payment of regular invoices
  • We are going to need to update the fire extinguishers, and this, according to first quotes, is going to cost c.£600. This is a requirement, so will have to be done, but Seán will look into whether there are other options.
  • In the meantime, we need to look at how we get the extinguishers we have refilled, and who will be able to do so.
  • The forecast has been way off track for a while, but it was realised that that was because rates were still being included. With these taken off, we are looking at a month on month loss of £214 - not great, but better.
  • CT asked how much the workshop brings in. How we will charge for 3d printing was brought up, and shelved as a question that will need revisiting.

Recent Events

  • AM's birthday was not sufficiently advertised, meaning PF saw the cake rather than ate it.
  • Fomocam went to Festevol, and seemed to go down very well, allowing them to do more testing.

Upcoming Events

  • Fomocam will be part of Light Night, operating out of Bluecoat
  • Made Invaders will be at the library for Light Night
  • PF to apply for Manchester Make Fest

Make Fest

  • Jackie is in charge of DoES' appearance at Make Fest. There is not much more to report right now.
  • CT will be working with Tosca.

Building Move

  • SG spoke about the building he and Steve saw near London Road. It's very definitely worth looking much further into, and is more pro than con. It's felt that DoES could be a reasonable flagship for the area. SG will arrange further viewings.


  • AM mentioned Ethos Magazine's film that has been made in DoES, and that it should be released soon.
  • CT pointed out that people may be unaware about workshop access, that it is available during the day as well as evenings. He is unsure as to whether everyone who comes along to, for example, Maker Night, will know that the workshop is always available. This is tied in with the publicity meeting Steve is organising.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

  • 15/6, 7pm.
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