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Attendees: PF AM JP CH

Review of/actions from last meeting

  • Decide on and publicise USP
  • Guy offered to find options for re-theming the website
  • Steve to co-ordinate a more forward facing website
  • Seán to lead promotion initiative in conjunction with new website

All above was wrapped up into a single marketing and website meeting, JF to organise, PF, SS, GF to attend.

Recent Events


  • have attendees to MakerNight (tonight) because of it,
  • really good stand, and JP did a great job of organising it and bringing in all the displays
  • could have done with more social media during the event,
  • keep DoES as a single group if given the option next time, to show size and spread staffing more evenly.
  • we had and filled 4 tables, plus made invaders and kites, and could fill more.

Upcoming Events


  • JP to lead
  • 2 tables plus made invaders

Fomocam is going to Brouhaha (13–24th July) — provisionally

ZZ arrives

Building Move

  • We will be moving, as our current building has been sold, and planning application made to the council for a hotel,
  • No final location decided, although still pursuing Gildart Street atm,
  • DoES move label on the somebody-should list
  • as we will be moving, now is a good time to start preparing and sorting all the rooms, ready for that,

High Priority Somebody-Should's

  • #518 ­— Major service on Gerald: JP and CH offer to help, and will check any other fixes that need adding,
  • #505 — Sophia slipping: record happenings, change title to reflect this is now a collection issue,
  • #493 — Clean Sophia's lens: break out into a service list for Sophia (similar to Gerald's list),
  • #475 — Filament guide broken: glue still holding, close it,
  • #459 — restore the laser cutter calendars: restored,
  • #399 — replace the Ultimaker back cross member: updated to better reflect the action,


Daz Ling offered to run more laser cutting courses (like what PF used to do). That's cool. PF has been thinking about doing this again too.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

20th July @ 13:30

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