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Review of/actions from last meeting

The last meeting was more ad-hoc and didn't result in any actions. Looking at the meeting before that... they are generally all in Github issues now.

Recent Events

Manchester MakeFest

Was a good event. Lots of people. Main problem was lack of "staff" from DoES to cover it. Adrian felt it was more kid-focused and not as good for makers. Maybe next year consider not going unless we find enough people to cover both days with people going for just one day.

Upcoming Events

Items from Jackie's Group response

  • We've been accepted for Make:Shift:Do, which is good
  • Could do with finding out more about the other events from Jackie, but in general we should be trying to attend them.
  • There will also be a Young MakeFest next year, which we should attend.

Things to take to events

Jackie has done a great job of herding cats to get things to the events. There was some discussion over lunch at Manchester MakeFest about whether a more educational drop-in activity would work well as something to do on the DoES Liverpool stand. Made Invaders is very staffing-heavy. Discussions around the DoES stand being more educational, or more commercial (as in, helping show off the things people in DoES are making to sell). Differing scales of thing-to-show-off would be good in order to attract people over and then engage them.

Building Move

We're still working on how we cover the ~£1k/month funding gap, but we're getting closer to being able to cover it. The next step would be to sign the heads of terms, which we're hoping to do that by 7th Sept. We've not been shouting about it just yet because we're waiting until we're sure it's happening, but getting there.

Next steps on working out layout, etc. is ramping up.

If all goes to plan, we'd stay in Gostins until the move, and the move would be in November.

Feedback on pricing models

Following on from the survey we sent out recently about ways of pricing/membership... In discussion at the last Directors meeting, we decided to drop the third option (which was membership was what gave you out-of-hours access).

Steve to update with some better notes for what the different options were.

Aiming to have membership of DoES being ~£10/month. We'd like as many people as possible to be members, and then have additional things (desks, etc.) on top. We're looking to have members and non-members prices (with members prices being lower, obviously).

Discussion about how to convey the DoES culture and what "membership" means. Out of hours workshop access would be attractive.

High Priority Somebody-Should's

Comments made on the github issues.


Video recording of meeting

Alex tried recording some of the meeting, more as a test for one of his devices, but also asking the question about whether it'd be useful to have video recording of these meetings. No firm decision on it, but we can maybe have a vote on it at the start of the next meeting.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

21st Sept 2017 at 7pm.

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