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Review of/actions from last meeting

Vote on whether to record meetings - Agreed that this is OK, but Alex not here to record. More ideas have been recorded in Github.

Recent Events

Start Up day

Upcoming Events

14th and 28th October - Craft Council Events Jackie will be on poi/nt to prepare volunteers and so on, and will be looking to have plenty of promotional materials prepared for the new building. 12th October is the rocket demonstration. All tickets have already sold out.

Building Move

There is a concern around losing space in the workshop due to corridors which would be needed to link separated rooms, if the workshop is to be split. It was discussed whether or not it would be possible to NOT have that corridor due to fire regs. The main problem seems to be having rooms within rooms, which has also been suggested by the contractor.

A suggestion was made to move the Private Events space to the end of the workshop (Juliet balcony end), move the Co-op space to the back wall, the phone nooks from the central lightwell to the rest of the space that the Private Events space was in, and open up the central lightwell to exit doors from the separated workshop areas.

It was suggested to let the contractors know that the workshop will be split into 4 spaces, regardless of the initial plan. This would allow them to make the required fire precautions, whilst giving us flexibility in the future.

Could the mesh between the main space and events space be replaced with acetate bars?

Private Events space would struggle to get natural light, and this needs addressing.

We may have to be more wary of H&S regulations as it is a new building, and there is a chance there may be increased scrutiny.

Would it be possible to add windows to the external wall of the Private Events space?

High Priority Somebody-Should's

Notes made in github.


Rebranding of meeting - Helen has suggested that it would be a good idea to change the name of the meeting to encourage participation - many people don't realise that they are able to attend. Suggestions for the new name would be Open Meeting, Community Meeting or DoES Users Meeting.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

Next meeting will be 19/10 at 1pm.

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