Outside Events

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We normally have to describe ourselves and list the equipment that we bring. There's some copy here that might make it quicker to copy and paste in future:


DoES Liverpool is a co-working space and makerspace in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre.

With meeting and events spaces, permanent and hotdesks, and a workshop equiped with a laser cutter, two 3D printers, a small CNC mill, a vacuum former an electronics and soldering station and a plethora of other tools and equiptment; DoES Liverpool exists to help you “Do Epic Stuff”.

DoES is showcasing projects created by its community, including Made Invaders, the full size, light up, animated, foam dart gun range. Come and try for the high score on a computer game brought to life!






Non-standard space: The nerf dart range uses a 3×3m gazebo, plus the standard 2 tables for other exhibits.

Power requirements

10 Arduino and raspberry pi based projects, plus laptops and network switch (10A total), not PAT tested

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