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In our new venue in The Tapestry, Kempston Street it is possible to park in the evening for free (after 6pm).

During the day there's expensive on-street parking available for up to two hours (£1.10 per hour), and also these car parks:

  • Lambert St - 69 spaces - £3.50/day, open 07:30 - 19:30 - map, more info - 2 minute walk
  • Craven St - 69 spaces - £3.50/day, open 07:30 - 19:30 - map, more info - 2 minute walk
  • Kempston St - 45 spaces - £3.50/day, open 07:30 - 19:30 - map, more info - 3 minute walk
  • Royal Liverpool Hospital - 500 spaces - £3.60 for 2 hours to £9.80 for 24, open 24/7 - map, more info, 6 minute walk
  • Gildart Street - £3.50/day, open 24 hours (gate closed over out of working hours) Permanently closed!

For the parking controlled by Liverpool Council (all but the Royal Liverpool Hospital), there is an app you can get for your mobile phone that makes parking a little easier (rather than hunting for change). You do play a 20p booking charge though, but you get a useful warning when your parking is due to expire. Details of the app are available on the parking signs for the relevant parking spaces.

Map © OpenStreetMap contributors

Don't park in the Lidl car park beyond the time limit, they have CCTV monitoring the entrance and exit which will detect longer stays!

Disabled Parking

There are 4 disabled bays for Blue Badge Holders at the Top of the hill (East end of the street) of Kempston Street. Additionally blue badge holders can use the on street parking anywhere on Kempston Street for an unlimited time (not including loading bays). Usual Terms & Conditions of Blue Badge Holders apply

Blue Badge Parking on Kempston Street

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