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People (or Teams, or Roles)

There are lots of people in the DoES Liverpool community! Everyone gets involved in their own way. Some people just need to come in and use a desk for a few hours, others stay for years and end up scrubbing and varnishing the floor. Some teams have formed along the way; some permanent and some temporary, this page give a bit more detail on these.


This is the one you may hear about the most. A mythical group who answer emails and arranges for the cleaner to come in... no-one knows where they came from or why... hm.. maybe not. Originally this group was all of the founders of DoES Liverpool and was the people who would open the doors in the morning, close up in the afternoon and answer any emails that came through to The list of jobs has expanded a bit since then and the list of people doing the jobs has changed but essentially this is the core team of people who keep the lights on at DoES Liverpool. More information on what is done by this group can be found on the Organisers page. Everyone in this team is a volunteer, except...

Admin Employees

DoES Liverpool employs a single person, in fact just 0.3 of a person. Sean comes in 1.5 days a week and makes sure emails are responded to and that accounting is kept on top of. Alongside this Sean also helps with all the Organiser chores.


As a limited company DoES Liverpool is required to have one or more directors. For many years we didn't really think too much about the directors and everything went through the organisers team. This changed when we went through a period where the money was quite tight and we realised that as directors we would have a legal responsibility to be aware of the decisions being made and be sure that they were the best decisions for the community and for the company. Since then the directors have been meeting regularly to make sure we have a good idea of how things are going within the DoES Liverpool community. You can find minutes from those meetings here and you can see who’s currently a director on the Companies House site

Grievance Team


Move Committee

While we had been trying to find a better space for DoES Liverpool for most of the time since we moved into the Gostins Building we started really taking it seriously around January 2016. We formed a move committee originally of Jen Fenner, Seán Gleeson and John McKerrell and started looking for venues. The membership of this group varied over time but ultimately it's due to this team's work that we ended up in our fantastic new space in The Tapestry building.

Laser Cutter Maintenance Team

We've been trying for a while to set up this team. Some of the roles of this team will be to keep the laser cutters in tip-top condition and to document how they're doing it and to educate more people in the community.

Networking Team

DoES Liverpool has a great networking setup now and a team of people keeping an eye on things. If you have any specific requests these should go in as an issue. You can see who's in the networking team here

Event Organising Teams

Whether it's an event within DoES Liverpool, or a trip away to Makefest in the library, or even to somewhere further afield, we usually try to arrange a small team of people to co-ordinate things.

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