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Reflow Oven (Florence)

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Reflow Oven Quick links: UsageTroubleshootingMaintenance

Nickname Make Model Where Manual Issue Tracker Status
? Eco-Worthy T-962 Workshop Manual Tool: Reflow Oven (???) TBC


This machine runs through a heat profile to let you solder a full PCB of components all at once.


There are some improvements that can be done to these machines that are outlined at

So far we have:

Using the machine

Safety precautions

Class Orange Equipment

  • Workshop Safety
  • The machine must always be attended while in use
  • Ensure the area around and inside the machine is completely clear before turning on (marked area)
  • Always leave the machine turned off

See [Using the Reflow Oven] for full instructions.


If the advice below doesn't solve the problem, please create a new issue to let us know.


  • If the machine is broken or needs maintenance, create an issue in the issue tracker (link in Troubleshooting above)
    • Label the issue: Tool: Reflow Oven (???) as applicable
    • If broken, add Broken label (this triggers various systems to flag the machine unavailable)
    • If maintenance required, add Maintenance label (the machine is working, but needs TLC)
    • If parts or consumables need purchasing, add Shopping label


TODO: Add link to source of solder paste (and mylar for stencils?)

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