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The Tapestry 1st Floor

There are two Doorbot controlled doors into the site with a kitchen hatch between them.

Event Space

Straight ahead at the top of the stairs. Far wall is all windows.

Open events are generally free to book, but if you have a private event (eg a company away day or private seminar) prices are usually £100/day, £50 for a half day or £30 for an evening. Contact to book.

See the DoES Liverpool events calendar for availability, or Dinky 3.0 Meeting Room below for a smaller alternative

Two layouts:

  • Conference style layout Seating for up to ~30 people, can be stretched to 40
  • Social meeting layout Groups of tables with seating for ~12 people. Desks can be used to extend number of people to 14-16

Approximately 6.5m x 10m

Main Room

Doors on left at top of stairs. Has one pillar in the middle, but otherwise is an enormous open space.

Working clockwise from this door are the following spaces:

Big laser cutter nook

Currently fully occupied by our very large, still unassembled laser cutter, in addition to some other miscellaneous items and boxes.

Metal working room

Contains the Arcitype and a new CNC router

Benches between metal working room and laser cutter/wood working room

Holds strip heater, and injection moulder, in addition to a large collection of small tools and equipment in drawers.

Laser and wood cutting room

See LaserCutting

Benches along the window wall

Home to our Vinyl cutter, sublimation printer, sticky label printer, mug heat press, heat press, microscopes, oscilloscopes, and PCB construction area.

Dinky 3.0 Meeting room

Our second meeting room, smaller than the events room but still a decent size. Available for use for meetings, phone calls, etc. Can be booked using the Dinky Room booking system (for those who have access, this updates the "Visitors" calendar).

Approximately 5m x 5.5m

Soundproof room

Being fitted out as a user testing lab by Find Out Digital.

Fire escape


Co-working Room 29.2, quieter co-working space

A quieter office space, the bulk of the permanent desks will likely be in here as this room will be locked outside office hours.

Approximately 6.5m x 10.5m

Light Well Meeting Nook

A smaller area with sofa and chairs that can be used for small meetings, calls, or just eating your lunch!

Kitchen area

see Kitchen supplies


The ceiling heights in the spaces is 3.6m.

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