Sense 3D scanner

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The Sense 3D scanner is hand-held device based on structured light (like the Microsoft Kinect) that can scan and reconstruct objects of about half a metre in size to a moderate accuracy.

It can be used to scan a person's head and face in enough detail for a recognizable shape to be printed at 1:10 scale in about an hour.

The scanner is kept in a labelled grey drawer by the windows, and it has a 2m long USB cable. The software is installed on the CNC computer and is heavily locked down. You may need an activation code (see the link to the issue below). Use the scanner off that computer, and if we ever change it again it should be connected to a laptop.

Start the software, and select type and size of object. (If doing someone's head, try to get the hair under control.) Hold the scanner between 50cm and 150cm from the object or head, and slowly paint in the detail, filling in the white gaps as they appear on the screen. If it loses tracking you can try to fixate it back on any area you have previously scanned -- not only the place where you lost it.

Once you have scanned across someone's face, try to avoid going back over it again, because either the surface or the colours will tend to be misaligned. Don't mistake bits of white chaff flying in front of the model for holes remaining in the model and try to fill them in.

Click "Next" when you're done, then fill in the model (solidify), trim off any stray junk (erase or trim), then download as STL. Load this STL directly into Cura (the 3D printing software) where it will be life size. Scale it down to 0.1 scale and print.

Thanks to @Jackie for finding this device and @andy and @ajlennon for getting it working. Notes are at Issue 1011

Most importantly a code is needed to unlock the 3D sensing software used. This is based on the serial number of the hardware and provided by the 3D Sensing website. It may be that it remains the same, and it worked for us on an installation on a second PC

Congratulations! You have successfully registered your Sense 3D scanner.

Your Sense 3D scanner serial number is 1401030136

To activate your Sense 3D scanner use activation key 5839

The software (including driver) can be downloaded here.

I believe, but am not certain, that we are using the Rev 1 hardware.

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