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Stock Components

This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the stock components we have for members of DoES to use in their projects. Listing something here isn't a guarantee there are (a) any left, or (b) that DoES will buy more once stocks are exhausted. Certain things (wire, common resistors, etc.) will be kept as stock, but lots of the rest are from the mass of parts donated by NOC.

For want of a better solution, we'll list them by location (and try to cluster similar components together)

Chip Drawers

This is the brown metal cabinet with thin beige drawers. Currently mostly hidden in the corner by the massive laser cutter. This isn't a list of absolutely everything, so if there's a chip similar to one you're after, it's probably worth a closer look in the drawers, as there could be the odd other numbered chip lurking nearby.

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