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Template Equipment Page

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This is the rough template I've been using for wiki pages that describe equipment (mostly in the workshop)

  • Check all the links after saving your page, particularly the quick links near the top
  • User guides should be stored in somewhere-safe repo
  • Issue tracker labels can be found here

Make & Model

Quick links: BookingUsageTroubleshootingMaintenance

Nickname Make Model Where Manual Issue Tracker Status
"Name" company name model number room link link link

Class Red Equipment Class Orange Equipment Class Green Equipment Do not leave unattended Wear eye protection Wear ear protection No loose clothing/hair No lone working

See full safety information below


Describe to a newbie, in one paragraph or less, what this machine does.

Summarise what it's best suited for, and what alternatives to use for different requirements.

How it works

A brief summary of the key tasks the end-user needs to do to achieve their goal with the machine.


  • Optional: Any machine specific specifications that are worth noting.


Optional: Where we got it from and any other relevant historic background.


only required for machines that need booking prior to use

Using the machine

Training required: Explain how/where/when to get it. (delete this block if not applicable)

To use this machine, you'll need to:

  • Follow safety precautions
  • summary of steps (based on level 3 Step: ... headings below)

Let's get started...

Safety precautions

summarise dangers

Class Red Equipment Class Orange Equipment Class Green Equipment

Step 1: Whatever

  • Do this
  • Then this
  • ...

Step 2: ...


Hints & Tips

You can put hints and tips anywhere in the text, preferably highlighting them in a block like this.

  • Any useful tips
  • for using the machine
  • go here

Minimising waste

  • Reduce: how to minimise materials used?
  • Reuse: can waste be reused?
  • Upcycle: can waste be upcycled to something else?
  • Recycle: Depending on the material, you might be able to recycle it in the bins near the kitchen.
  • Disposal: For any remaining waste, please put it in the workshop bin.
  • General: Waste, recycling and cleaning up


If the advice below doesn't solve the problem, please create a new issue to let us know.

some issue

how to resolve that issue


  • If the machine is broken or needs maintenance, create an issue in the issue tracker (link in Troubleshooting above)
    • Label the issue: <label name>
    • If broken, add Broken label
    • If maintenance required, add Maintenance label
    • If parts or consumables need purchasing, add Shopping label
  • where spare parts are stored?
  • where to buy spare parts?
  • where to buy consumables?

See also

  • link to associated things (eg. similar machines, wikipedia, etc)
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