Things going on

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There's a lot of stuff happening, so check the calendar

If you're thinking of starting a new event, then have a look at our OrganisingEventsAtDoES page.

When a regular event gets its own page, you might want to keep a note on it about what went on at each meeting if something important happened.

Current happenings

Sometimes past happenings

Offsite happenings

  • Jelly Liverpool: A once-a-month free day in another hackspace if you are organized enough to book in advance.
  • Ignite Liverpool: Four times a year just up the road, compered by Adrian for the last >5 years.

Other happenings with little information about them

  • Drone interest group: There's a restart discussed. Needs a page for it listing some projects of interest and how to arrange meeting times
  • Gardening group: see Unorganized-administrative-content
  • Salsa dancing: see cooking and brewing
  • Brewing of something: see cooking and brewing
  • Liverpool Clojure Dojo: discussing a restart, and to become a more general Functional Programming meetup.


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