Things to Buy

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The things-to-buy space...

The idea is that we can automate tracking of the consumable items that we periodically need to replace at DoES.

The process is something like this:

  • we create a QR code and put it on or near an item which we will run out of (coffee, crisps etc.)

A QR Code

  • the QR code points to$THING, where $THING is a short description of the thing to buy or a bar code number

  • this service redirects to a node-red flow I have set up to create an issue in this DoES things-to-buy repository.

  • a DoeS organisers/contributors can subscribe to issue creation notifications and choose to take ownership of the issue indicating they will purchase on the next trip.

  • after replacing the needed item the issue can then be closed.

You can create a QR code for editing, e.g. with Inkscape using a node-red flow here$THING

Where $THING is the thing that needs to be bought.

Alternatively you can use the QR Codifier application installed on DoES Sophia PC or available here

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