Toaster and Egg steamer

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Our Toaster also makes eggs. Because why not. It's rather nice for a hot breakfast or lunch, or tea if you come to DoES straight from work. You can toast bread at the same time as you boil eggs.

Using the Toaster

It's all common sense. Please feel free to ignore these instructions.

  • Make toast as normal by depressing the slider. (Or press the toast button and then lower, but it's not necessary.)
  • Press the toast and egg button to make both together.
  • Press the egg button to make eggs.
  • Press the power button (power symbol) to cancel / pop-up.

Boiled eggs

Eggs are steamed in their shells.

  • Use the spike on the bottom of the measuring cup to pierce the large end of the egg★, and place upto 4 eggs in the toaster small end down.
  • Use the small measure to put in the appropriate amount of water, as shown on the cup. If you like solidly hard boiled, use a little more.
  • Press the 'egg' button.
  • Wait till the light goes off. Around 8 minutes for 2 well hard boiled.

As it's not sitting in boiling water, it seems easy for your brain to forget they come out very hot. Just a warning. Please give it a quick wipe out of any egg stuff gets on it.

★ We have one at home, and I never do this. I also put the eggs in the other way up. It works just fine.

Other cooking

The toaster also come with a tiny saucepan, which does a fairly good job of poaching eggs. When we bought it we removed this, as we felt it had potential to be too messy in the kitchen. (We've seen what we can all do with teabags!). We still have it so we're happy to try it if anyone feels strongly.


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