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Trophy Cabinet

JimNixon edited this page Feb 13, 2016 · 1 revision

Noticed the Trophy Cabinet idea in the Flights of Fancy page on the wiki and decided to take a crack at it. The original post was:

"A fun idea to encourage people to Do Epic Shit. When you get your first trophy you also get a small laser-cut trophy cabinet (bookcase-style I suspect) which will hold your trophies.

The trophies are small 3D prints to celebrate involvement in DoES or in the sorts of activities that the DoES community would like to promote. Ideas so far:

1st 3D print 1st laser-cutting Blink an LED on Arduino Has run an event Has started a startup Has failed a startup (not that we want to encourage this, but we want to support failing) Has had an exit Has shipped a product"

Designed a small set of shelves that'll fit on a 30x30cm sheet of 3mm ply that should fit 6 5cm tall trophies with a depth that should allow for a small laser cut plaque to be glued to the shelf with the same of the trophy engraved on it.

Laser cut shelf

Going to to work on some trophy ideas but if anyone has ideas for them please feel free to share.

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