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= Risk Assessment Spreadsheet =

= Health And Safety Policy =

= Rule Zero =

[ Rule Zero: Do not be no Fire]

We also have an AccidentLog

= Insurance =

DoES Liverpool has insurance, it was organised with Calm Minds but they no longer exist so we should go direct to Richard Thacker now:

Documents can be found in Dropbox/DoES/Insurance

The phone number for reception in the Gostins Building is 01517094142

Administrator Job Description, DoES Liverpool Salary: £7.45ph (Living Wage) Pro Rata Hours: 6 hours a week in two sessions Ideally the right candidate will be able to work two mornings from 9am, evenly spaced in the week, although we’re prepared to consider different options for the right candidate.


Respond to email enquiries or direct as appropriate Co-ordinate room bookings Co-ordinate equipment bookings and the DoES Calander. Ordering of supplies and materials Administration / support of organizers meetings and resulting actions


Manage Petty Cash and banking Process salaries (two p/t staff) Online banking Invoice issuing and processing Payment of expenses


Open the office two mornings a week As with the Organisers, to keep the workspace clean and tidy where required


To support in the promotion of DoES Liverpool within the surrounding area


Any other duty as may be reasonably required

DoES Liverpool is a Social Enterprise, and run similarly to a co-operative, being overseen by 8 voluntary organizers. As such DoES is fairly informally run, with tasks being divided between the organisers. This role is designed to relieve some of the load from the organisers.

DoES comprises a co-working space (with both permanent members and regular hot deskers), a workshop area with various exciting machines, and a meeting room. As well as being used during the day, the space is regularly used during the evenings and weekends, both by members of the DoES community and external groups.

Your role would be based in the main workspace, working in the same space as others. While you’ll have a single line manager, any of the orgainsers will be available (dependent on their own workload) to offer support as you settle down and learn the ropes.

As a new role, we’ll all have lots to learn about how you can support DoES to grow and thrive, and the role will naturally develop as we learn together. We’d welcome your input and we hope that the role will grow both in range and hours over time.

'''Administrator Proposal'''

With an increasingly busy environment, and the changes happening with John, and our general levels of availability, now seem to be the time to look at support. A full time office manager is interesting, but currently I think financially unrealistic. Instead we could consider an Administrator / PA either a half or full day a week. It may not be the right solution - but I think we do need to start the conversation. My hope is, it will let us breathe!


Living wage is £7.45 per hour, and also seems to be a reasonable Administrator's wage. I suggest having someone in twice a week makes more work possible, but needs at least 3 hours in a block to be efficient. Prices include est. employers NICs and costs at 13%.

Half Day (4 hrs): £145.92 pcm, Full day (8 hours) £291.83 pcm

'''I propose a combination: Two mornings 9-12, 6 hrs: £218'''

'''Role suggestions'''

Add to or annotate these to create a profile. (Based on twice weekly, ideally two mornings well spaced)

To let us breathe!


Open-close co-ordination

Possible open-up two days a week

Room bookings

Non-urgent laser bookings and workshop calendar

Chase up actions from ticketing system? - or meeting agreements


Petty cash

Salaries (cleaner and themselves)

Banking processing (online and cash)

Payment of invoices

Issuing of invoices?

Matching of payments

Payment of expenses


Ordering of supplies (by changing supplier)

Checking bins and kitchen as do organisers

Figure out what else they could do


45% of emails since April are finance and can be moved out of our inboxes (with good reporting set up.)

To be first responder – to be the person who checks what rely is needed and who is doing it

Respond to most enquires themselves, increasingly as they grow familiar with repeated requests.


I’d be inclined to treat this role as more of a lone worker role, with easy access to ask questions (much less as time goes one), and trust that this workload would be a magnitude less for us all than currently! Much relies on finding the right person. I’m willing to line manage for a period, though happy to have anyone else volunteer!


  1. Can we afford it?

  2. Are there other things an Admin could do?

  3. Are any of these unrealistic?

  4. Do we need to remove stuff to make it realistic?

= Manchester Mini Maker Faire 2014 Planning Page =

MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) Liverpool Road Castlefield Manchester M3 4FP

2014 has been applied for.

= 2014 =

DoES Liverpool is a co-working and makerspace in the heart of Liverpool's city centre. Our workshop — equipped with laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC mill and vacuum former — exists to help you "Do Epic Stuff".

Come and see some of the member's creations including: Enchanted Toys, an internet connected toy set; Bubblino, a twitter monitoring bubble machine; and the WhereDial, a clock that shows your location.

== Exhibits ==

  • Enchanted Toys
  • Bubblino
  • WhereDial

== Equipment ==

  • 2 Laptops for slideshows (and a wireless bridge if necessary)
  • 2 monitors (2 slideshows - DoES & Display information) w/ power cables and leads
  • 8 port switch
  • Multiway extensions
  • ethernet cables
  • Fliers

= 2012 =

== Exhibits ==

  • WhereDial - One device showing non-functional physically complete demo, other showing functional breadboard with ferry locations
  • Location Clock - Showing location of two people, may or may not actually be on
  • YAHMS Device - Lamp that people can turn on and off by signing in from their own phones
  • Bubblino
  • Floor mat?
  • Ackers Bell
  • Makerbot
  • IOTM kit (probably with a few of the examples running - I've got three made up)
  • DoES office layout (blutacked down) + spares to play with
  • Photos and posters to promote/show the DoES space too
  • IOT Book
  • Various laser-cut things (and their negatives)
  • Octobowl
  • Sugar-sintered "DoES" logo
  • Laser engraved tic-tacs
  • Maybes
  • Hazard Lights

== Equipment ==

  • LCD Screen x 2 (JohnMcKerrell's 24" and another)
  • Label Printer x 2
  • White board easel x 2
  • Power Strips
  • Network cables
  • AdrianMcEwen's Large Network Switch
  • Network tester
  • Bubblino's Netbook to share the WiFi
  • Large White Table Cloth
  • Fan?

== Staff ==

These people will man the stand for most or all of the weekend

  • JohnMcKerrell
  • AdrianMcEwen
  • HakimCassimally

== Transport ==

  • Trains
  • AndyGoodwin and AndyPowell have both offered to drive people and stuff on Friday afternoon
  • AndyPowell has offered to pick people up on Sunday and bring stuff back
  • --(JohnMcKerrell can potentially have use of car on Friday night but that's probably all.)--
  • BenGreen is looking forward to bringing stuff and people back on Sunday.

== Posters ==

  • About Items - Perhaps a style could be designed for these allowing us to fill in the details later, this would be better for info sheets than posters though
  • About Bubblino - from AdrianMcEwen
  • About IOTM
  • About WhereDial
  • About YAHMS
  • About the room plan
  • About DoES - Numbers
  • Events - 23 types, 85 events
  • BarCamp Liverpool
  • Liverpool DoES Startups
  • Seminars * 7 (3 GEC, 2 Developer Breakfast, Steve's Charity thing, Adrian Education thing, FACT Workshop)
  • Open Days * 4 (ADA Day, Launch Day, Jelly Substitute, Anniversary)
  • 26 Maker Nights
  • 9 Lean Liverpools
  • 20 Sewing Clubs
  • 8 SpecFics
  • 10 GeekUps
  • 8 Study Days
  • 3 Friends of the Earth
  • 1 Breakerfaire
  • 56 (FreeAgent) contacts
  • 200 Hot Desk Visits
  • 12 Permie Deskers
  • 6 Friends
  • 2 Workshop Members
  • 42 Makers
  • 35 Hot Desk Visitors
  • 1 Laser Cutter
  • 1 3D Printer
  • 3 Plants
  • 17 Desks
  • 9 Mentions in the press
  • 52.5sqm of windows ( (15 + 3 + 3) * 2.5 )
  • 315 Days since last explosion
  • 17 Arduinos
  • 1 Cigarette vending machine
  • 2 Disco Balls
  • 4 Rooms
  • 4 Webcams

== Plans ==

We should make up the exhibits on DoES tables before we go, to be able to visualize the exhibit. Perhaps Glow design intern can help.

= Regular Tasks =

A page outlining some regular tasks that need to be done to maintain DoES Liverpool.

== Main Space ==

=== Each Morning ===

  • Review the space, remove any litter or cake left out from the previous day.
  • Place "Available Hot Desk" signs correctly.

=== End of the Day ===

  • Place any leftover cakes into tins and place in the fridge/kitchen.

== Events Space (Dinky) ==

=== Each Morning ===

Ideally immediately following the event but should be confirmed the following morning.

  • Check floor and surfaces are clean.
  • Remove any litter.
  • Arrange furniture, if there's a daytime event following then arrange for that event, alternatively simply tidy the existing arrangement.

== Workshop ==

=== Each Morning ===

  • Review space, remove litter and clear available spaces.

== Kitchen ==

=== Each Morning ===

  • Clear litter.

=== End of the Day ===

  • Turn off coffee pot - noting that even though the light is off the button may be on, and it'll turn on too early when the timer comes on in the morning.
  • Place any leftover cakes into tins and place in the fridge/kitchen.

=== End of the Week ===

  • Take home two tea towels and wash.

= IoT Liverpool = Planning page for us to work out what sort of topics, "marketing", etc. we need to do for IoT Liverpool - a monthly meetup about Internet of Things-related stuff in Liverpool. See for details of the actual events.

Launch event:

== Todo ==

  • Setup twitter account AMc - Done
  • Setup meetup group
  • Find venue and date for the November event - mid to late Nov
  • Plan itinerary for November
  • Source projector/screen - Adrian
  • See if Neil/Dan will stream it? - Adrian
  • Ask Wiley if they can do a popup or some showcards - Hakim
  • Paul to ask about Ackers Bell, and post to DoES Liverpool Google Group asking for things to show off
  • Write a press release - Hakim and Claire
  • Hakim to ask about goody bags, and possible prizes to give out (a draw for everyone who buys a book) == Running Order for 1st Meetup ==
  • What is the Internet of Things?
  • An intro to IoT Liverpool
  • Lightning talks from Things creators We should add to the blurb for the meetup: When we're starting That food won't be available

== Things to Show Off ==

  • Bubblino
  • WhereDial
  • Ackers Bell
  • IoT Weather Station
  • Merseyshipping?
  • Sweet Tweets from Uniform
  • Ultamation's bluetooth lighting system
  • Housahedron
  • Little Printer
  • Good Night Lamp == Speakers ==
  • Nov 2013: Designing the Internet of Things launch
  • Jan 2014: Internet of Toys - Patrick Fenner
  • Feb 2014: A Census of Sensors - Michael King
  • Mar 2014: Sensor City - Simon Reid
  • Apr 2014: Jasmine Cox
  • May 2014: APIs for... Cities (a workshop rather than talk, exploring what APIs we'd like to have for a city)
  • Jul 2014: Wearables - Costumologists/The Kazimier and Graham Ogle
  • Sep 2014: Uniform
  • Oct 2014: AdrianMcEwen, preview of MozFest session on privacy
  • Nov 2014: [Hackday] Wearables
  • Nov 2014: Dark Water Foundation
  • Feb 2015: AdrianMcEwen/Neil Winterburn - NodeRED
  • Mar 2015: JD - Housahedron's accelerator experience
  • Mar 2015: [Hackday] Wearables 2
  • Apr 2015: IoTDay - APIs for... Businesses?

What talks could we run?

  • Wheredial
  • Bubblino
  • IoT and Education - Intel TSB project and stuff AdrianMcEwen did with Imagication
  • Hobby projects - Sebastian's irrigation project
  • Citizen sensing - Air Quality Egg, @OxFloodNet etc. - ideally @Haiyan talking about the Japanese radiation monitoring project, although that's getting a bit old now, so she might be getting bored of talking about it...
  • Alex talking about Good Night Lamp
  • --(BERG maybe to talk about Little Printer)-- :-(
  • Show and tell (maybe as a regular slot?)
  • Matt Jones from JLR (Birmingham rather than Liverpool sadly), talking about Linux on cars (not exactly IoT, but could be interesting)
  • Dan Lockton talking about behaviour change and energy usage - follow on from Michael King's talk about home environment monitoring
  • Smart Cities - Adam Greenfield or Dan Hill
  • Quantified self - Ian Forrester (and get Paul Clitheroe along to talk about the eHealth cluster?)
  • APIs for... Homes
  • APIs for... Galleries and Museums?
  • Housahedron
  • Ultamation
  • Open Energy Monitor
  • and Hypercat (their project to help disparate IoT projects talk to each other)
  • Bluetooth LE (and iBeacon) and Google's Physical Web
  • Minecraft Light Switch
  • IoT Security - Brett Lempurer, Adam Boulton,
  • Push To Talk
  • Republic of Things
  • Barclay's IoT security work (ask Brett)

== Ideas == Paul's 1st suggestion for a little intro to IoT: ""We're all about improving how people interact with technology. Are you a designer, a techie, an artist, a marketer, or someone who uses technology daily? We'd love to hear from you - why not say hello on the message board?""

= Friends of DoES =

This page inspired by [ Francis Irving's blog post & audioboo].

Francis has become our first "friend". Francis has been a friend of DoES since the start of DoES Liverpool, before the company was even started he supported and came to our events. Francis wanted to support us financially too but our standard pricing system doesn't work for him. He doesn't need a desk, or workshop access. He enjoys coming to our events but they're usually free so he can't even support us that way! As stated on his blog Francis is intending to start donating £9/month to us, we'd really appreciate it if you did the same or similar.

If you're signed up to the wiki (and a member of the NonSpammersGroup) you should see our bank details below, to become a Friend of DoES simply set up a standing order (Francis started with £9 which seems a lovely amount to us) and let us know so that we can make you an attractive [ "Friends of DoES" business card.]


== Current Friends of DoES ==

  • FrancisIrving
  • MarkHolmes
  • ThomShannon
  • ChrisBlower
  • JRPeterson
  • Friends of the Earth
  • SeanMcHugh
  • GarySmailes
  • DavidHughes
  • MichaelKing
  • AndrewBolster
  • MartinSkelly
  • LauraJames
  • AlexNolan
  • RebeccaLawson

= Visions Of DoES =

== Introduction ==

This page is somewhere to collect possible ''community fictions'' for how the DoES community could evolve depending on the space it occupies. None are meant as hard-and-fast definitions of how DoES would end up, were it to move into one of the spaces, but more as provocations to help us discuss what is or isn't desirable, to show new possibilities which aren't possible in the current space (at least with it's existing, May 2014 configuration).

The locations below are chosen not because they're places that are actively being investigated for locating DoES, but merely because they're (at least seemingly) empty buildings that we know of in the city and which provide a variety of different types. They are also a variety of sizes, which doesn't reflect how much space DoES is thinking of taking on right now, but how it could expand in the future.

What would we want?

  • Hot-desking and co-working
  • Digital workshop (electronics, soldering, laser-cutters, 3d printers, sewing machines)
  • Wood workshop (workbench, lathe, flatbed CNC router)
  • Metal workshop (CNC mill, metal lathe, etc.)
  • Offices/studios that people can rent complete
  • Project rooms? (basically like Dinky but possible to be booked for a week or similar)
  • Small event room
  • Large event room (so our events can get bigger, and so we can run things like DoESCon or Barcamp)

== Gostins Building 5th Floor ==

Where: Directly above the existing DoES space Size: Roughly double the current space (~4-5000 sq.ft.) More details: How might it be configured: Why it would be a good space: Why it would be a bad space:

== Blind School ==

Where: Opposite the Philharmonic Size: How might it be configured: Why it would be a good space: Why it would be a bad space:

== Reliance House ==

Where: Opposite Oh Me Oh My on Water Street, next-door to Tower Building [,-2.9935589,3a,75y,322.18h,112.14t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s2HgFNAVzeJjvCn34F6cAgA!2e0] Size: How might it be configured: Why it would be a good space:

Background: Seems it was used by UK Border Agency until ~2009, when it was all consolidated onto Old Hall St.

== 8 Water Street ==

Where: Next-door (or next-door-but-one) to Reliance House Size: How might it be configured: Why it would be a good space: Why it would be a bad space:

== Our Current Situation ==

Until you've started spending time looking at property, you probably have little idea of how big "X sq ft" really is. For comparison, DoES' current incarnation has 2300 sq ft of space, split like this:

  • Main room, breakout room and Room29 - 1050 sq ft
  • Workshop and kitchen - 648 sq ft
  • Dinky - 630 sq ft

As a rough rule of thumb when converting from sq m to sq ft, multiply it by 10.

= GeekUp Liverpool =

GeekUp is a long running meet-up for geeks that started in Manchester and has expanded to other cities and countries. The [ first GeekUp Liverpool] was on 26th April 2007. It currently runs on the last Tuesday of the month, every month. The website for GeekUp - - lists the upcoming GeekUp events in Liverpool and beyond.

The event starts around 7pm and finishes by 9pm. Depending on the topic we might have a presentation that lasts the full duration, or a short initial presentation that develops into a general chat. Post-geekup beers in a local pub are not unusual.

== Prep ==

Prepping for an event involves:

  • --(Create the lanyrd event)--
  • Create the MeetUp event
  • Create the page
  • Update the Liverpool Digital calendar & DoES Liverpool calendar to show content about the event
  • Send out the pre-event newsletter
    • This should go to MeetUp group members too?

Followup for an event involves:

  • Send a followup newsletter
    • This should go to MeetUp group members too?

== 2015 Schedule ==

  • January 27th - Skipped
  • February 24th - Intro to Elm, a functional reactive programming language - [ @doppioslash]
  • March 31st - Life's a Pitch - [ Matthew Hughes]
  • April 28th - Small Data: personal apps for affective communication - [ Thiago Hersan]
  • May 26th - Sharing humanitarian data at the United Nations [ Francis Irving]
  • June 30th
  • July 28th
  • August 25th
  • September 29th
  • October 27th
  • November 24th
  • --(December 29th)-- (Christmas Holiday)

== 2014 Schedule ==

  • June 24 - Social!
  • July 29 - Liverpool Girl Geeks
  • August 26 - "Importance of women coding" - Jennifer Davidson
  • September 30 - "Learn how you can start and run your business smarter in the Cloud." - Daniel Pala
  • October 28 - "Exploring The Depths with Javascript" - Barry Getty
  • November 25 - "Space - Full title to be confirmed" - Chris Atherton
  • --(December 30)-- (Christmas Holiday)

== Proposed Talks ==

If you'd like to give a talk, drop JohnMcKerrell a line - either on Twitter (he's [ @mcknut]) or via

  • Processing - Tim from The Ranch is up for giving a talk about Processing and about the regular Processing meet-up - JohnMcKerrell
  • ''Puppet Alternative'' - Someone from ScraperWiki would talk about the alternative to Puppet that they use.
  • Open Frameworks - someone, please?

== Standby Regular Talks ==

  • Project Showcase - Anyone can come along and give a 5-10 minute talk on a project they're working on - JohnMcKerrell
  • Raspberry (Pi) Jam - The jam in July 2012 was a great success, let's repeat that - JohnMcKerrell
  • @ColinTheMathmo - Colin knows lots about many subjects and is happy to give a talk - JohnMcKerrell

== Past Talks ==

This is by no means a complete list.

  • 30th January 2013 - Clojure Dojo and OpenShift arranged by SimonHolgate with @TheSteve0

= Gardening Group =

We have a variety of plants in DoES Liverpool donated by various people.

  • Potatoes - Black planters - Main room sharing table
  • [#Dracaena Dracaena] - Main room windowsill
  • [#Succulents Succulents] - Dinky windowsill
  • [#OliveTree Olive Tree] - Dinky windowsill
  • Tulips - Black planter
  • Hydrangea - Black planter
  • Daffodils - Main room sharing table

There's a storage box with some gardening supplies, anyone is welcome to use them to improve the plant life in DoES Liverpool. Replacements and additional equipment welcome. Currently there's just some fertiliser, some soil and some older plastic plant pots. Also a few flowers are there to decay and hopefully produce new bulbs.

== Potatoes ==

Want sunlight.

Some instructions: More:

Video in last link suggests that when they start flowering 13-14 weeks in is the best time to harvest - 13-20th June 2015.

== Olive Tree ==

Sunlight during the summer, shelter during the winter.

== Dracaena ==

Needs minimal watering, prefers moderate bright but indirect sunlight.

== Tech? ==

We could set up a Raspberry Pi with a NoIR camera (I've got one knocking around that DoES could borrow) and use to monitor how well the plants are growing.

= UK Maker Belt Map =

A place to gather notes on how to add UK Maker Belt-related entries to So things like makerspaces, but more importantly suppliers and manufacturers - places where, for example, you'd go to get PCBs assembled, or CNC milling done...

Need to work out some taxonomies of tags to show the services/equipment available (maybe looking at the service options in

== Possible OSM Tags ==

man_made=sawmill|industrial|factory, craft= industrial=factory|warehouse|machine_shop| amenity=workshop|timber_yard|artists_studios|hackerspace

== Recommended Tags ==

For all include as many of these as possible:

  • "addr:full"
  • "addr:housename"
  • "addr:housenumber"
  • "addr:street"
  • "addr:city"
  • "addr:postcode"
  • "opening_hours" for example: "Mo-Th 14:00-18:00; Fr 14:00-22:00",
  • "website"

=== Factories ===

Places that make things.

Tag them with [ man_made=works] and [ industrial=factory]

Include the tag [ product=] for what is made by the factory. See [ the list of common product values]

=== Services ===

Places that provide services such as PCB assembly, CNC milling, etc.

Tag them with [ industrial=machine_shop].

How should the types of services be captured? The "craft" key might work, but would need extending. Or should we propose a new key altogether?

=== Makerspaces ===

Tag them with "workshop=fablab" and "leisure=hackerspace". For official FabLabs, include "network=Fablab"

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