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These are no more; see UpCycled for replaced electronics

Rose Violet

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Nickname Make Model Where Manual Issue Tracker Status
"Rose" Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. UP Plus 2 [[Workshop Rooms]] PDF Tool: 3D Printer - UP3 (Rose)
"Violet" Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. UP Plus 2 [[Workshop Rooms]] PDF Tool: 3D Printer - UP3 (Violet)


These machines print physical 3D objects, making them ideal for prototyping product designs.

How it works



  • Build Volume: 140mm (W) × 140mm (H) × 135mm (D) (5.5” × 5.5” × 5.3”)
  • Layer resolution: 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.35, 0.40mm
  • Print speed: ?
  • Travel speed: ?
  • Filament diameter: not sure which: 1.75 mm or 2.85?
  • Nozzle diameter: ?
  • Operating nozzle temperature: ? - 260°C
  • Operating heated bed temperature: ?
  • Printing technology: Melted Extrusion Manufacturing (MEM)
  • Supported Printing Material: ABS, ABS+ and PLA; for best results use ABS or ABS+
  • Supported File Formats: STL, UP3, UPP

Using the machine

To use the machine, you'll need to:

  • Follow safety precautions
  • Design your object
  • Obtain materials (filament)
  • Set filament in printer
  • Position and print

Let's get started...

Safety precautions

The machine is generally safe to use, but there is a risk of injury if you start poking around inside the printing chamber.

Class Green Equipment

Step 1: Design your object


Step 2: Obtain materials

See Materials: 3D Printer Filament - you'll need 2.85mm ABS, ABS+ or PLA filament.

Step 3: Set filament in printer


Step 4: Position and print

  • Connect your computer to the printer via USB cable
  • Install the software on your computer and launch it
  • From the menu: Maintenance > Initialize - the printer will find its reference point
  • Drag and drop your .stl or .up3 file onto the app window
  • Position the object on the printer bed shown in the app window
  • From the menu: 3D Print > Print (leave all settings alone) to slice and download the shape to print.
    • The time to completion is pretty accurate.

Hints & Tips

Filament can come on a coil, rather than a roll, so you will need to roll it up on one of the empty spools before you can use it. Take care not to get everything tangled by looping the coil on a broomstick, and wind it as tightly as you can. Recommended also to stand the spool on a heated bed of the printer for ten-twenty minutes to adapt it the tighter curvature so it doesn't spring loose when you feed it into the machine.

Minimising waste

  • Reduce: Does a solid object need to be solid inside? Often it doesn't - a hollow object will use up less filament.
  • Recycle: Depending on the plastic used, it can go in the recycling bins near the kitchen.
  • Disposal: If all else fails, put waste in the workshop bin

It would be nice if we could create a Precious Plastic recycling system.


If the advice below doesn't solve the problem, please create a new issue to let us know.

The print is curling up off the bed

Set the platform to pre-heat:

  • From menu: 3D Print > Preheat platform
  • Before you print, you should get the temperature of the platform as close to 110°C as possible.
  • Using the a cover (upside-down box) will help, but you'll probably still only get it to around 105°C
  • Follow the instructions in the UP Plus 2 user manual (see link at top of this page)

Printing from Linux

Use a Virtualbox VM with Windows installed on it. Before the Windows version will see the printer, you'll have to enable USB sharing:

  • Install the UP Plus 2 software and drivers the same as you would for a normal Windows install
  • Install the [Virtualbox Extension Pack](https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads Oracle VM) so you can use USB 2.0
  • Add yourself to the vboxusers group so that Virtualbox has access to the USB devices: sudo usermod -aG vboxusers <your username>
  • Reboot your computer to ensure changes are applied fully
  • In the settings for the Virtualbox VM, enable USB Controller and USB 2.0 (EHCI) Controller
  • Either add a USB device filter to pass through all devices, or add one for the UP Plus 2 specifically (it will need to be plugged in to show up for that)

It's run out of filament

Obviously, from time to time our filament will run out - either that, or you might want a particular colour. If you want to purchase filament, you can do so from 3dfilaprint.


  • If the machine is broken or needs maintenance, create an issue in the issue tracker (link in Troubleshooting above)
    • Label the issue: Tool: 3D Printer - UP3 (Rose) or Tool: 3D Printer - UP3 (Violet) as applicable
    • If broken, add Broken label
    • If maintenance required, add Maintenance label
    • If parts or consumables need purchasing, add Shopping label
  • Consumables: Materials: 3D Printer Filament

See also

  • Tool: 3D Printer - RepRap
  • Tool: 3D Printer - Ultimaker 2
  • Tool: 3D Printer - Ultimaker 2 Extended
  • Tool: CNC Mill - Proxxon
  • Tool: CNC Mill - Arcitype
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