VOIP Phone Setup

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We have three phone lines at DoES Liverpool set up using VOIP services from Andrews & Arnold. This page lists how they are setup rather than any etiquette for answering them, for that see the Answering the telephone page.


Standard phone line - 0151 703 0081‬

This is our standard phone line for enquiries that is listed on our website, it doesn't get a lot of calls as we do prefer email but there's generally 4-5 per week and they should be answered politely, as mentioned on the Answering the telephone page.

The cordless phone in the main room is logged into the VOIP account using a OBi100 device that makes the VOIP connection and makes it available to standard phones. This phone also has voicemail which will go to hello@doesliverpool.com.

Intercom - 0151 660 6281

This number is set up specifically to take calls from the intercom and should not be used for any other use (it currently does not block other numbers but it might be an idea).

The cordless phone in the main room is also logged into the VOIP account. As are a number of Yealink VOIP phones in the following locations:

  • On the workshop desks by the North windows
  • In the events room on the safe
  • In Room 29 on the Johns desk next to the internal windows


Emergency number - ‭0151 660 6999‬

Our emergency phone line, this goes directly to the Directors personal mobiles and should only be used in emergencies, such as listed on the Out of Hours page.



Used for the cordless phone.

Yealink SIP-T20P

Used for the intercom, we have various of these. To find out the IP address press the OK button.

Firmware upgrades can be found here: http://support.yealink.com/documentFront/forwardToDocumentDetailPage?documentId=19

Had issues upgrading from Safari but Chrome worked fine (although Safari has worked before).

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