Waste, recycling and cleaning up

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The recycling bins are inside the kitchen and take cans, cardboard and plastic bottles; there is also an office paper bin beside the laser printer. Bins are lined with pale green plastic bags which are tied up and put on the racking by the emergency exit when full. New plastic bags are in the kitchen drawer. We can no longer recycle *Glass bottles.

There is a metal composting waste bin in the kitchen for coffee grounds, teabags, applecores, etc, which Julian takes home and empties.

Laser cutting waste

Huge amounts of cut sheets (birch plywood and acrylic) are created and shoved into drawers and under the laser cutter itself. You should leave only the stuff that looks like there is enough clear space for it to be cut by someone else.

We can now recycle wood waste. This can be placed in the bin with the green plastic liner inside the wood workshop. Unfortunately we cannot currently recycle other types of laser cut waste so the only solution is to break it down into small enough pieces and pack it in the dustbins provided. Please do not leave dustbins overflowing. If a bin is full, tie off the bag and place it in the wheelie bin in the outside yard, through the emergency exit, then replace the bin-bag finding one in the kitchen drawer.

3D printing waste

Although there are several hoards of PLA and ABS printed scrap plastic, there is currently no recycling for them. Potentially we could do it ourselves. issue 161


Empty them before they overflow. There are big bins in the main room, a smaller ones in the events room, and a robot one in the kitchen. There is a metal wheelie bin in the yard to put the bags into when full and closed. To get to the yard, leave via the fire escape by the toilets (open the shutter fully first, using the switch to the left of the door).

The bin bags are stored in one of the drawers in the kitchen. Use black ones for the general waste bins, and the green ones for the recycling bins.

Vacuum cleaner

We now have a Henry vacuum cleaner (red). It was bought from CPC as were the bags which it uses. It is currently sited in the meeting nook but will likely move somewhere near the racking or in the cleaning cupboard both next to the toilets.

There is also a purple cyclone which is used to handle dust from the bandsaw, drill and machine tool. It should be emptied more often, probably into a big mostly-full dustbin bag just before it gets tied up. There has also been a green cleaner which is now mounted by the CNC router in the machine room.

Washing up

The best option is to put stuff in the dishwasher. Don't just "rinse things out".

There are mops and buckets in the cleaning cupboard (by the toilets) as well. There is one set marked for use in the toilets, this should not be used anywhere else and the unmarked set should not be used in the toilets.. Sue the cleaner visits just once a week on Thursday mornings.

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