partial list of members

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This is a partial table of people and businesses that operate out of DoESLiverpool, which is maintained by those concerned.

Name webpage twitter code-repos interests
Adrian McEwen @amcewen
Patrick Fenner @defproc Proof of concept, prototyping and small run production. A friendly design engineer. Some Laser Cutting, Arduino, IoT, LoRaWAN
Julian Todd Freesteel blog @goatchurch bitbucket/goatchurch IoT, machine tools
Alex Lennon @embedded_iot github/dynamicdevices Embedded Systems, IoT, Social Justice
Ross Dalziel @cheapjack github/cheapjack
John McKerrell @mcknut github/johnmckerrell iOS, Swift, OpenStreetMap, IoT
Martin Dunschen @mdunschen github/mdunschen I work for Autodesk, CAM, renewable energy, air pollution data
Steve Sparrow LampLight @stevesparrow Database implementation, training, change management. Personally: Refugee support.
your name yourwebpage yourtwitter yourrepo anything about you

Additional frequent visitors and members

Jackie, JR, Paul G, fill-in-your-name-if-you-don't-put-it-in-the-table.

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