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session plan

What Does Health Look Like

Learn how to create a simple, wearable movement tracker using a Microbit.

We'll use its inbuilt accelerometer to measure movements and generate unique visual outputs depending on how you move. You'll also have the opportunity to build handmade soft sensors to measure pressure and stretch and explore how they could be used to measure movement and be incorporated into garments.

We'll take the data we collect and visualise it using Processing. You'll then be able to choose a visualisation and print it on a T-shirt which you can take with you.

  • No specialist knowledge or technical skills necessary

  • Bring a laptop (if you can't then please let us know beforehand and we'll see what we can work out)

  • We'll be using the to write Processing code in JavaScript – don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!

  • Suitable for adults and children of 8 and over. All children must be accompanied by an adult

This workshop is a collaboration between Dr David Ellis of Lancaster University, Laura Pullig and DoES Liverpool as part of the 'Get a Move on Network' funded by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physcial Sciences Research Council).