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Making - DoESLiverpool at its heart is all about making, and we like our kit, so naturally the DoES Workshop with all its Equipment is a most exciting place to be. Maker-night (held every Thursday evening, as well as one Saturday every month) is core to our maker community, and the best place to meet the community of makers and hackers and learn.

Maker-night is free and open to all. For other times, see Membership and access.

Working - Behind the workshop is/will be a quiet and serious co-working space. You can either Book a desk or come on the day, or buy a monthly membership. Monthly members get a permanent desk and drawers where they can lock up their things. Don't just remote work at your job from home or a coffee shop, come to a living place where you can get some essential stimulation.

Discussing - Join the the Google Group or Join our Github organisation and pitch in on issues at the "Somebody Should" list For Twitter and other things like that, refer to Digital infrastructure.

Finding us - We can be accessed from Kempston Street, postcode L3 8HL, see map. Ring the bell to be let in and come upstairs. We are a 10 minute walk (4 minute bike ride) from Lime Street Station. Carparking on the street is free after 6pm, but expensive and limited to 2 hours during the day (even at weekends); the going day rate for private carparks is £3.50 a day.

Prices - We currently offer two pricing bands, one for Members and one for Non-Members.

  • Membership costs £10 per calendar month.
  • A monthly desk is £165 (£180 for non-members)
  • Monthly workshop access is £50 (£65)
  • Out of hours workshop access is £25 (£35). Out of hours access allows usage before 9:30am and after 5:30pm, and all day at weekends. Any time used during regular business hours is still charged at the normal day rate.
  • Hotdesking/Daily workshop use is £10 per day/£5 per half day (£12/£6)
  • Flexi Desking is £70 pcm (£80). This allows the user to come and go as they please, within a fair usage policy, and not worry about paying for a half day if they're only in for an hour or two.
  • Registered Address and Mailbox is £79 (£99)
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