CNC Router

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In the "metal work" room in DoES is a CNCStep CNC router with a 720x420mm bed.

CNCStep router in situ

This machine is dangerous, please don't use unless you have been trained.


In the metal room you will find:

  • The CNC Router
  • One PC connected to the CNC Router with the KinetiC-NC software to drive it
  • One PC running Fusion 360 to let you design and generate g-code files

The PCs have their own keyboard/mouse, but share a single monitor via a KVM. To switch between them press, one after another, ctrl-ctrl-1 or ctrl-ctrl-2. On the desktop of the PC connected to the CNC Router you will find instructions on how to drive the CNC Router.

In Fusion 360 you will find that it is set to use the correct KinetiC-NC post processor. The generated NC files should be saved to the Z: drive which is shared with the PC connected to the CNC Router. This KinetiC-NC post processor is not yet available as part of Fusion 360, but you can find it on the DoES CNCStep project.

The milling motor is a Suhner UAD 30-RF 1050W unit. In the desk draw you will find a series of bits and collets. Currently we have a 8mm, 6mm, and 1/8" collets in stock. Please note the 6mm collet WILL NOT accept 6.35mm (1/4") bits. The type of collet is a DIN6388 EOC8 or DIN6388 Type 401E.

Usage notes

To power on the CNC router use the switch on the control box that sits atop the unit. It looks like this:

The CNCStep control unit.

Note that the controller will start and stop the spindle, you do not need to touch that. However you will need to set the speed of the spindle appropriate for the task you're doing. There is a list of suggested spindle speeds maintained on the machine with the KinetiC-NC software installed.

The latest instructions for using the KinetiC-NC software are printed out next to the PC, and on the desktop as a Word document.

In the back left of the unit is the depth set puck. Ensure that the button on top of the puck is below the bit before you run the z0 set macro. The puck on this machine looks like this:

The z0 puck for the CNC Router


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