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DoESLiverpool is a self-funded independent hack-space incorporated as a community interest company that raises money from membership rates to pay for room rent, machines, materials, cleaning, a part-time administrator and "free" coffee.

See our partial list of members for an idea of the sorts of people who are here.

You are welcome to come for free during any Maker night (usually Thursday nights) or MakerDay (Saturdays once a month, see calendar for details).

Please drop by any time for a look around if you can't make it on Maker night.

Here's a map of where we are in Liverpool


Location map

Address: Fourth floor, Gostins Building on 32-36 Hanover Street, Liverpool L1 4LN -- Enter through the main green steel framed doors, go past reception and access lifts or stairs. Turn left out of the elevators on the 4th floor and look for the open co-working space door and DoES Welcome screen at the end of the hallway. If closed try the workshop through the firedoors on the left by the co-working space office door. If you are looking for an event that is not Maker night or Maker Day then try the Dinky space which is the room on the left of the corridor as you approach the co-working space office door.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:30 - 17:30 (core hours)

Nearest Stations: Liverpool Central (5 mins walk), Liverpool Lime Street (10 mins walk)

By Bus: 5 mins walk from LiverpoolONE bus station

Parking: There are plenty of car parks in the city center but we don't have any recommendations for long term parking and highly recommend using public transport where possible. One of our members have made a map of parking spaces for disabled members or people with limited mobility which shows some of the closest parking facilities and nearest disabled bays.

Cycling: Visitors to DoES Liverpool are welcome to park their bikes in the corridor just outside, we provide no guarantees but visitors regularly do this and have no problems. During events we may try to offer more secure space for bikes.



  • Maker Night (free)
  • Maker Day (free)
  • evening events (normally free to attend)
  • Friends of DoES £9
  • Friends with Benefits £15 (a box in the workshop)
  • Hotdesking
    • £10 day,
    • £5 per half-day
  • Monthly Workshop access £50
    • one month deposit option for out-of-hours access
  • Monthly desk rate £150
    • one month deposit option for out-of-hours access
  • Mail box and business address: £99/year (including 6 days hotdesking)

Your first day free if you bring cake

Core hours are 9:30am-5:30pm. If you have a monthly access level, you can extend your keyfob for out-of-hours access while the building is open (7.30am to 9pm weekdays, 9 to 5 on Saturdays, closed Sunday). Some people have keys to the building so you can stay later if they are around. But definitely no sleeping in the hackspace.

Members get the benefits of an automated monthly invoice through their email (good for claiming off their expenses if you doing paid work). Payment is usually done by direct transfers to the DoES Liverpool bank account and cleared by Sean our administrator, although we do accept cash payments on the day. Unfortunately, we don't have the facilities to take card payments, but there is a cash machine near by.

Members can use an RFID-card or keyfob that gives them access from the hallway into each room. The list is administered by hand until we work out a more automated method. If you don't have an RFID fob, or have lost yours, please talk to an organiser to arrange a replacement. These are normally free.

Keep up to date by joining the Email list.

Who is in charge?

The simple answer is "everyone!" In practice there are Organisers Meetings with minutes and agendas, which you can go to if you like (or email them at ).

For the most part we are a Do-ocracy. So we "Do" stuff rather than talk about it (this applies to the washing up).

Our main organising hub is the somebody-should list, where we have used a computer software bug-tracking system to keep track of all the stuff that is/isn't/should be going on. Please post up issues there as you encounter them -- or browse it for ideas for what you could do to make things better.