A private & anonymous VPN Client
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PlayHide VPN

Build with Autoit & host in EU



Network Browser / Scanner



  • Play Games with LAN mode
  • Share private files
  • Host every Service
  • Be in a private Network like LAN

*Only Client to Client / no Traffic Gateway


  • No Ads
  • No Logs
  • No Spyware
  • Auto Updates
  • One click to Play.
  • Simple Setup/UI
  • No Port forwarding needed
  • No Account or Registration required
  • Switch between other Servers / Locations
  • DNS Hostname Support with Domain Suffix (.vpn)
  • Full Open Source with OpenVPN


  • Chats

Tested with Call of Duty WWII & other Games under Windows 7 / 10 / 8.1



  1. Install as Admin
  2. Setup will start / Tap Driver installer (*needed)
  3. Click Connect to join into the VPN Network

Issues / Troubleshooting?

  • Make sure your 3rd party Firewall get access to Port 1400 as UDP (only Windows Firewall tested)
  • The Metric musst be 1 on the Tap Interface normal by Install Script will set it.
  • More Ethernet Devices could be issue *currently not tested.
  • Make sure only one Ethernet & no other VPN Client are running. (Metric conflict)
  • Connection Limit from Subnet (254 Clients)