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Slack Setup

  • Set up your app
  • You can visit the web client or download the app
  • Enable 🔐2-factor auth
  • Fill out your 🔐profile
  • Consider adding your pronouns to the last name field so it's visible
  • Here's a simple shortcut guide to navigating Slack
  • Change your colors to a a very DoSomething sidebar! Go to Preferences –> Theme –> Custom Theme and paste these values in: #4E2B63,#402351,#321c3f,#FFFFFF,#402351,#FFFFFF,#95E26A,#23B7FB

Tips, Tricks & Etiquette

Use 🔐#srsly-read-this seriously
This should only be for general DS company wide announcements. Things like, food in the kitchen, a new campaign we are launching (not things like I need a cat sitter, or does anyone have advil)

Use public rooms!
We work in a collaborative environment, and we should keep the history so it's searchable forever!

Feel free join and leave channels.
👋 You can /mute 🔕 channels (so you only receive messages when your name or @channel is mentioned) or leave channels if they become overwhelming.

Set up custom alerts
🔔 You can watch for your name, or certain phrases so you'll always be notified when there are "cookies" in the office.

Have some down time
You can set yourself to /away if you need heads-down time.

Search for answers
Slack has a very powerful search feature, and since we use public channels you can search for things easily!

Alerting others

Only use the following commands if everyone needs to know something urgent (for example there is food in the kitchen, or we are filming in the office)

  • @here will send a desktop/mobile notification to everyone who is currently active in that channel
  • @channel will send a desktop/mobile notification to EVERYONE in the channel
  • @alert will alert tech people if you see something wrong with the website—do this in the #devops room


After 3 months at DoSomething we will make an emoji of your face. We use emoji reactions to send follow up messages. Here are our most frequent:

  • 🎉 - :tada: congrats, hooooray, happy birthday
  • 👍 - :thumbsup: got it
  • - :check: I did that
  • - :plus: I agree
  • 🙇 - :bow: thanks!
  • 🐧 - :penguin: A stuffed animal given at the end of staff meeting from the reigning holder to another staff member who did a baller job that week.


  • 🔐Slackbot: Just a pal that Slack gives us for free, we can customize to respond to certain phrases
  • 🔐George: Custom bot that we use to deploy code, and displays silly messages if you say "dance"


Ask in 🔐#it-helpdesk

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