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In attachement you can find two things:

  • a .jar file with
    • a look and feel implementation
    • a bunch of PJC's to use in an application
  • a demo form (
  • a .zip file with an Eclipse project with the source code

The .jar file is signed!

Here are some instructions:

  • the jar file needs to be added in the formsweb.cfg configuration archive=frmall.jar,modernize.jar
  • the entry point for the applet needs to be (normaly it is fixed to oracle.forms.engine.Main) code=ilias.oracle.forms.engine.FormsMain

Check the base...htm file to verify that the CODE="oracle.forms.engine.Main" parameter is taken from the formsweb.cfg; I had to alter it to CODE="%code%".

The form has a dependency on the DUAL table. It needs a connection to a/the database.