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decapstrike Changed network graph output to directed graphs
Since Twitter allows for one directional follows, and retweets and replies are inherently directional, a directed graph is preferable to an undirected graph. This change simply changes the default to directed. Next an option will be added to select undirected or directed.
Latest commit 8d918e1 Jan 15, 2019
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Failed to load latest commit information. Added support for extracting retweets. Feb 4, 2018 Update to use .jsonl instead of .json Aug 22, 2017 Adds Excel mode to remove newlines from some fields. Mar 4, 2018 Stream in and out noretweets. Jun 13, 2018 modifications to support where a hugely popular tweet occurs at the b… Jan 26, 2018 Future prints Feb 17, 2015 write gzipped files Sep 30, 2017 docs Mar 25, 2018 Add files via upload Jan 15, 2019