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reCaptcha-PHP-5 (v1.1)

A properly coded PHP 5 reCaptcha class that will allow you to interact with Google's reCaptcha API.

  • 100% phpDocumentator 2 code coverage
  • 100% PSR-2 code coverage
  • Composer friendly package

Feel free to extend and modify it to fit your frameworks / applications needs.


If you have your own autoloader, simply update namespaces and drop the files into your frameworks library.

For people that do not have that setup, you can visit to install composer on your system. After installation simply run composer install in parent directory of this distribution to generate vendor/ directory with a cross system autoloader.

Please see Examples directory for a simple run down of functionality.


  • The functionality is based on $_POST requests by default, you can modify it (fairly easy) to take $_GET or whatever you want instead.
  • It will always send remote address from $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] variable if you are behind Vagrant/etc, please update it (or write a setter to set remote address on the fly :))