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Project TK-Pong


The goal is to create a game played with hands. In this case we chose to go for the Pong's one. It's easy to make and give us enough of time to work on the gesture recognition thing.

The idea is to finish the project in 48 hours or a week-end. This marathon of code or hackaton is also a good way to promote the coding universe to the beginners.

In this case, the site of this event is the BiB, an Hacker Space in Montpellier, France. It starts 05/08 at 12pm and end the 05/10 at the same hour.

Technologies used:

As we are convinced by the fact the Free Software is the future. We will use free softwares/libraries. Then the code will be released as Drink-ware, meaning you can do whatever you wan with it, and if you liked what we did, you can buy us a drink.

Then we'll use HTML5/CSS3 for the frontend and maybe python and/or c++ for the server. The one who'll have the hand recognition system and the host of the game.

Check the full code here!