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This release adds some of the most requested features in v1.0.0 and fixes some bugs.

New features

  • Folders can now be moved and merged by dragging the label onto another folder
  • Added an edit icon in the breadcrumb bar for quick folder renaming
  • A new 👁 icon in the folder tree allows you to hide inaccessible items (files and folders; off by default)
  • When copying password data, the clipboard is now cleared after 30s
  • New views on the Users page allow a quick breakdown of user rights:
    • Permissions lists all granted permissions for each user
    • Access provides an editable map of access rights per folder
  • The changelog is now included on the Settings page


  • The password generator dropdown now uses the same colors as the strength meter

Bugs fixed

  • Closing the permissions popup with the ESC key should now work
  • The non-functional "delete" context menu entry on the repository root has been removed
  • The git login window should no longer pop up every minute when applying saved credentials fails or is cancelled
  • A bug that could cause corrupted items on certain folder operations has been fixed
  • Fixed initial git fetch preventing repo detection under bad network conditions
  • Conflicts in internal JSON files should now be resolved more intelligently, preventing JSON parsing exceptions
  • Permissions of empty folders can now set without authorization, as intended
Nov 30, 2017
Release 1.0.0