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A node script to migrate both your translation files and service injections to ember-intl


Run the following command in your terminal:

npm install ember-i18n-intl-migrator -g

or alternatively with yarn:

yarn global add ember-i18n-intl-migrator


To transform the translation files run:

ember-i18n-intl-migrator # default conversion to json
ember-i18n-intl-migrator --type=yaml

To also run the codemod that will replace i18n: service() by intl: service() (and it's usages), you first have to install jscodeshift with:

npm install -g jscodeshift

Then you can run the codemod with:

jscodeshift -t https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DockYard/ember-i18n-to-intl-migrator/master/lib/codemod.js app/