@DoctorMcKay DoctorMcKay released this Jan 19, 2019 · 72 commits to master since this release

See PR #165

Changes from beta 2:

  • Reverted new protobuf-decoding behavior of filling in default values instead of null for omitted fields
  • last_seen_online is now a Date object in the user event
  • Made all enums inside the .proto files available through SteamUser (e.g. SteamUser.EChatRoomJoinState)
  • Wrote most of the docs for the new chat room client
  • Fixed some issues with data not being properly formatted in the new chat room client
  • Added new methods to the new chat room client
    • getClanChatGroupInfo
    • deleteChatMEssages
    • inviteUserToGroup
    • kickUserFromGroup
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