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8-bit Crazy Small CPU
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CSC8: 8-bit Crazy Small CPU

This repository holds the files for my 8-bit "big brother" CPU to the 4-bit Crazy Small CPU. This is a CPU designed with 7400-style logic chips and some RAM and ROM. The CPU requires only sixteen chips, not including the clock circuitry.

Right now CSC8 is still under development. Have a look at Docs/ for the overall design of the CPU so far.

The files and folders in this repository are:

  • Docs, documents on the design and how to use the tools below
  • Examples, example programs for the CPU
  • cas, the assembler for the CPU
  • clc, a very crude compiler that outputs assembly that can be given to cas
  • csim, a simulator that can run assembled programs
  • gen_alu, a program to generate the contents of the ALU ROM
  • journal.txt, my running journal of the design and implementation of CSC8

If you want to leave any comments, feel free to use the GitHub issues page for this purpose.

Here is a diagram of the basic CSC8 architecture:

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