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Concourse resource to fetch secrets from Vault on an EC2 instance.
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Vault Resource

Reads secrets from Vault. Authentication is done (by default) using the aws-ec2 method, which must be configured before using this resource. It can also use the AppRole method to authenticate.

Source Configuration

  • url: Optional. The location of the Vault server. Defaults to https://vault.service.consul:8200.

  • role: Optional. The role to authenticate as. Defaults to concourse.

  • nonce: Optional. Client nonce whitelisted by Vault for this EC2 auth. Defaults to vault-concourse-nonce, which should probably be changed.

  • paths: Optional. If specified (as a list of glob patterns), only changes to the specified files will yield new versions from check.

  • expose_token: Optional. If specified, this option will expose the token to make it available to other resources

  • auth_method: Optional. By default will use the aws-ec2 method. If AppRole is specified, it will read the role_id and secret_id parameter to authenticate on the approle endpoint.

  • role_id: Optional. Use a specific role id to authenticate. This parameter is used only with auth_method: AppRole.

  • secret_id: Optional. Use a specific secret id to authenticate. This parameter is used only with auth_method: AppRole.

  • tls_skip_verify: Optional. Skips Vault SSL verification by exporting VAUKT_SKIP_VERIFY=1.


Resource configuration using aws-ec2 authentication:

- name: vault
  type: vault
    role: build-server
    nonce: cantguessme

Resource configuration using AppRole authentication:

- name: vault
  type: vault
    auth_method: AppRole
    role_id: e6889709-5ff8-c670-a083-79f1c5035709
    secret_id: e6889709-5ff8-c670-a083-79f1c5035709

Fetching secrets:

- get: vault
      - secret/build/git
      - secret/build/aws/s3


check: Check for new versions.

Essentially a noop, the current date is always returned as {"date": "$DATE"}

in: Read secrets from Vault

Reads secrets from Vault and stores them on disk as JSON files.

The path of the secret will match the path on disk - ie in the example above, vault/build/git.json and vault/build/aws/s3.json will be created.


  • paths: Required. List of paths to read from the Vault secret mount.
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