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Materialize, a CSS Framework based on material design

Current Version : v0.97.8

Sass Requirements:

  • Ruby Sass 3.3+, LibSass 0.6+

Supported Browsers:

Chrome 35+, Firefox 31+, Safari 7+, IE 10+


  • v0.97.8 (October 30th, 2016)
    • Refactored Modal plugin
    • Tabs now supported in navbar
    • Chips data can now be reinitiailized
    • Minor side nav fixes
    • FAB to toolbar component added
    • Fixed dropdown options bug
  • v0.97.7 (July 23rd, 2016)
    • Basic horizontal cards
    • Carousel bug fixes and new features
    • Updated sidenav styles and new component
    • Meteor package now supports Sass
    • Autocomplete form component
    • Chips jQuery plugin
  • v0.97.6 (April 1st, 2016)
    • Removed deprecated material icons from project
    • Changed /font directory to /fonts
    • Datepicker and ScrollSpy now compatible with jQuery 2.2.x
    • Responsive tables now work with empty cells
    • Added focus states to checkboxes, switches, and radio buttons
    • Sidenav and Modals no longer cause flicker with scrollbar
    • Materialbox overflow and z-index issues fixed
    • Added new option for Card actions within a Card reveal
  • v0.97.5 (December 21st, 2015)
    • Fixed Meteor package crash


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We use Jasmine as our testing framework and we're trying to write a robust test suite for our components. If you want to help, here's a starting guide on how to write tests in Jasmine