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Autocomplete is problematic for a number of reasons:

  • can't limit results
  • can't use IDs instead of strings
  • difficult to internationalize values (see previous about using IDs)
  • drop down pushes other elements down on the page

Here's a library that has solved many of these issues:

I would like to suggest either integrating this library or all of it's features.

  • Limit maximum results (we don't need 1000 line items after typing 1 character)
  • Specify number of chars before the autocomplete begins (default is 1)
  • Chips
  • Allow each item to be represented by an id that is placed into a hidden field when selected
  • Allow an array of objects to be passed as the data
    Converting arrays to objects is a pain in the neck. I suggest the following:
    [{value: 'apple', id: '4rew65s1', img: '…'}, {value: 'banana', id: '7r98vv8s', img: '…'}]
  • Backward compatibility with the existing object {value: image} structure
  • Option to require that an item from the list is selected, e.g., blank the field onBlur if nothing was selected
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acburst commented Jan 12, 2017

Added a first pass at chips autocomplete integration in 83e6ba0.

Would appreciate some testing. You can check it out on the latest master version under the chips docs.


Before the new year, he made such a revision, did not manage to propose the inclusion of improvements.


Chips are cool but I was actually more concerned about the other items. I've updated the issue above to specify the features that I'm looking for in a robust autocomplete solution.


Regarding using IDs. This helps immensely with a few things including i18n.

For instance:
[{value: 'apple', id: '4rew65s1', img: '…'}, {value: 'banana', id: '7r98vv8s', img: '…'}]
[{value: 'manzana', id: '4rew65s1', img: '…'}, {value: 'plátano', id: '7r98vv8s', img: '…'}]
would be the same with the labels localized

With the current autocomplete implementation, I would have to have a lookup table for every single language that I support to get the proper id, which is not scalable.

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