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This repo contains C++ classes for implementing selection harvest methods in the Open Source forest modeling platform, SORTIE-ND. SORTIE-ND is an individual-based forest simulator designed to study neighborhood processes.

Also included here are supporting files, including examples of input data formats and configuration files. Together with the C++ classes, the code provided here permits researchers to implement previously unavailable selection harvest methods with SORTIE-ND.

Briefly, the classes implement single-tree and group cutting silviculture, and permit the user to set rough basal-area targets for different stem size classes (e.g. "cut 30% of size class A", etc.). The classes generally try to fulfill the goals described in Arii et al. 2008. The present work was performed at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto (2007-2008) and presented during the 2009 meeting of the Ecological Society of America, in Albuquerque, NM.

Please contact the repo owner for information. For information about the owner, see the file MFuller_CV.8.17.pdf

Arii, K., J.P. Caspersen, T.A. Jones, and S.C. Thomas. 2008. A selection harvesting algorithm for use in spatially explicit individual-based forest simulation models. Ecological Modelling 211: 251-266.

Copyright 2008 M Fuller. I certify that my code is original, and produced by me (not copied from another repository).


C++ source code that implements selection harvest methods in SORTIE-ND forest modeling platform.






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