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A back end for investigating the movement of money in B.C. politics.
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Dogwood Big Money

If you would like to become involved, please contact an existing collaborator.

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Setup instructions

Setup up your virtual environment. You may use virtualenv (or any equivalent, like conda). Use python 3.4+

Once you've setup your virtual environment, initialize it using source activate , and then run

pip install -r requirements.txt

to install the package dependencies.

Database setup

Setup your postgres db as following (assuming you have postgres 9.4+ installed)

  • Login as the postgres user sudo su - postgres
  • createdb -U postgres bigmoney
  • createuser -U postgres -P bigmoney
  • psql -U postgres
    • grant all privileges on database bigmoney to bigmoney

Now you want to make sure that the following variables are set as environment variables:

export DATABASE_NAME='bigmoney'
export DATABASE_USER='bigmoney'
export DATABASE_PASSWORD='*****'
export DATABASE_PORT='5432' # Default Postgres port
export SECRET_KEY='****' # Make up a secret key here, used to generate csrf tokens among other things

or, depending on your hosting configuration it might be preferable to amend to contain those values. (Remember: never commit passwords into the Git repository!)

To initialize the application-specific database content

  • Run database migrations: python migrate
  • Create an administrative user: python createsuperuser
  • Load the donation data into the database: python loaddata data/fixtures/data.json

Major dependencies

This project uses:


  • Tests!
  • See issues in github
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