oEmbed proxy in JavaScript that support a few additional non-oEmbed sources
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Embed media easily

media-embed-server is a node server that can parse content, extract links and return info about them. Info can be title, thumbnails, direct links etc. (depends on the service)

For some services it uses oEmbed, for others it uses other APIs.

It depends heavily on media-parser.



  • Non-blocking parallel fetching of data
  • Unified API for a lot of services
  • Ability to cache results in memcached
  • Minimal code base (around 100 lines for the server)
  • Support for JSONP

Installing the service

Installing the service is quite easy:

npm install media-server-embed -g

Running the service

The signature for running the service is:

media-server-embed -p <port> -c <memcached (optional)>

An example:

media-server-embed -p 8081 -c localhost:11211

API endpoints


Required arguments:

  • content: Content to extract media information from.

Optional arguments:

  • timeout=5: How long should we wait for the external service a timeout? Default is 5 sec.
  • min_tn_size=100: Minimum thumbnail size. Default is 100. This is useful when a resource has multiple thumbnails in different sizes.
  • callback: Wrap the result in a JavaScript function call (JSONP). Default is none.


An example of a parse request:


Successful return:

A JSON list of matched URLs and information attached to the URL. Example:

        "url": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYHzdqGR9-U",
        "title": "[프로리그2014] 정우용(CJ) vs 김유진(진에어) 2세트 해비테이션...",
        "thumbnail": {
            "url": "...",
            "width": 100,
            "height": 100
        "html": "..."

Error Return

The errors are returned in the result dict as special JSON objects that have an error attribute.


        "url": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYHzdqGR9-U",
        "error": "Service timeout"

Result specification

Always present:

  • url: The URL of the resource
  • title: The title of the resource
  • type: The type of the resource, can be website, image, video or audio

Can be present:

  • error: Something went wrong
  • description: The description of the URL
  • thumbnail: The thumbnail information. Will be an object that includes url, width and height
  • html: oEmbed HTML (in most cases it will be an iFrame)


Returns a list of providers that are supported, including a regular expressions that matches all the services that media-embed-server supports. If you store this regular expression locally you can answer locally if a service is supported or not.

Supported services

  • deviantart.com (oEmbed)
  • flickr.com (oEmbed)
  • hulu.com (oEmbed)
  • justin.tv (oEmbed)
  • rdio.com (oEmbed)
  • screenr.com (oEmbed)
  • slideshare.com (oEmbed)
  • soundcloud.com (oEmbed)
  • spotify.com (oEmbed)
  • ted.com (oEmbed)
  • vimeo.com (oEmbed)
  • youtube.com (oEmbed)
  • img.ly (custom)
  • instagr.am (custom)
  • twitpic.com (custom)
  • yfrog.com (custom)