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Localising DDMM

Thanks for your interest in helping Doki Doki Mod Manager support more languages!

How to translate

i18n Manager

If you point i18n Manager at the lang folder, it should work out of the box.

Translating - the basics

Every currently available language has its own .json file. For example, English (UK) is en-GB.json and Russian is ru.json. If the language you're looking to translate into doesn't have one, download en-GB.json, as that will be your basis for translation. Rename it to a valid language code from this list.

Once this is done, you can begin translating! If you are familiar with JSON, you should be mostly good to go. If not, read on.

File Format

Translation files are in the JSON file format. This means they have to be syntactically valid in order for DDMM to be able to understand them. Here's a small sample from the English (UK) translation file.

    "toolbar": {
        "button_get_mods": "Get Mods",
        "button_mod_library": "Mod Library",
        "button_feedback": "Feedback",
        "button_settings": "Settings",
        "button_about": "About",
        "button_debug_crash": "Debug Crash",
        "button_devtools": "DevTools",
        "button_inference": "Inference",
        "button_ui_kit": "UI Kit"

The only parts you need to worry about are the key-value pairs - these are the actual translations. You only need to change the second value in quotes. For example:

"button_get_mods": "Get Mods"

could go to

"button_get_mods": "My translation here"

Don't change the translation key (in this case button_get_mods) as this may cause problems.

In some cases you may need to put double quotes in your translated text. If this is the case, they must be "escaped" with a backslash.

"some_translation": "My \"translation\" here"

Placeholder values

You may notice that some strings have numbers in curly brackets like this: {0} - these are placeholders. Here's an example:

"message_progress": "Downloading {0} - {1}% complete"

In this case, the first placeholder ({0}) represents a file that is being downloaded, and the second ({1}) represents the percentage downloaded.


  1. If you're creating a new language file, make sure you use a language code from here. Anything else will be rejected.
  2. Use English (UK) as the basis for your translations.
  3. Please don't use a machine translator to create translations. Native speakers are preferred.
  4. If possible, avoid making your strings significantly longer or shorter than the original English.
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