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English Dolibarr ChangeLog
***** ChangeLog for 3.2 compared to 3.1 *****
WARNING: PHP lower than 5.x are no more supported.
WARNING: Because of a major datastructure change onto supplier prices tabkes, be aware
to make a backup of your datbase before making upgrade.
For users:
- New: Can attach files on social contributions.
- New: Show payments terms and conditions onto muscadet template.
- New: Can open back a closed commercial proposal.
- New: show thirdparty barcode on main tab.
- New: Can input note (private and public) during note and expenses creation.
- New: Print ticket show invoice ref into POS module.
- New: Can edit customer discounts from invoice create and edit card.
- New: task #11243: Show quantity into stocks for each sub-products into the sub-product tab.
- New: task #10500: Option to choose if professional id are unique.
- New: Add hidden option FOURN_PRODUCT_AVAILABILITY.
- New: task #11123: Add best supplier price.
- New: Enhancement in styles.
- New: Can conciliate several lines in one operation.
- New: task #11289 : Modify third party accountancy code generator aquarium.
- New: task #10606 : more comprehensive message error.
- New: task #11278 : Option into point of sale module to add services in list.
- New: task #11261 : Add an entry into menu called "New shipment".
- New: [ task #187 ] Gerer les evenement recurrents dans les imports ical
- New: Make option MAIN_GENERATE_DOCUMENTS_WITHOUT_VAT available by default.
- New: Can build PDF in USLetter format or canada format (change paper size).
- New: Can export into Excel 2007 format.
- New: Add hidden option CASHDESK_FORCE_STOCK_ON_BILL
- New: Can search on part of barcode into POS module.
- New: Cheques into cheques receipts are ordered by operation date.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_AUTOUPDATE to avoid generating pdf each time data change.
- New: Add hidden option PROJECT_HIDE_UNSELECTABLES to hide project you can't select into combo list.
- New: Support zip/town autocompletion into warehouses.
- New: Add box for last expired services.
- New: Reduce seriously size of packages.
- New: Can define country code for import.
- New: When invoice was generated from order, order date is visible on PDF, after order ref.
- New: [ task #181 ] Hide password of click2dial in user card
- New: Chart are faster to build
- New: Value of data into charts are visible on mouse hover.
- New: Import wizard can import contacts.
- New: Install process is now two times faster.
- New: Can sort files into backup tool.
- New: Default output charset are utf8 into backup tool.
- New: Extra fields support int type.
- New: Add brazilian states.
- New: Increase usability of module project.
- New: Automatic list of documents in ECM module is ok for customers,
suppliers invoice, orders, customers orders, proposals and social contributions.
- New: All professional id can contains up to 128 chars instead of 32.
- New: [ task #176 ] Allow to use ODT templates for proposals and orders like it's done for invoices
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_ADD_PDF_BACKGROUND to add a PDF as background of invoice/order generated PDF.
- Fix: Can use POS module with several concurrent users.
- Fix: Installer don't fails with Mysql version that added a ssl_cypher field.
- Fix: Sanitize input parameters.
For developers:
- New: Can add a left menu into an existing top menu or left menu.
- New: Add webservice to get or create a product or service.
- New: Add webservice to get a user.
- New: Add more "hooks" (like hooks to change way of showing/editing lines into dictionnaries).
- New: Log module outputs can be setup with "or" rule (not only "xor").
- New: Add FirePHP output for logging module.
- New: Trigger now have a priority to define sort execution order.
- New: Can define different requests according to database type into migration files.
- New: Add "canvas" feature to overwrite page of thirdparty, contact, product with yours.
- New: Removed artichow deprecated libraries.
- New: A page can force reload of css style sheet
- New: A module can add import description for import wizard, even for tables with foreign keys.
- New: Can add tabs on statistics views.
- Qual: Add a lot of more PHPUnit tests.
- Qual: Data structure for supplier prices is simpler.
- Qual: Removed no more used external libraries.
- Qual: Cleaned a lot of dead code.
- Qual: More OOP (usage of "abstract", "static", ...), uniformize constructors.
- Qual: Fix a lot of checkstyle warnings.
- Qual: task #216 : Move /lib into /core/lib directory
- Qual: task #217 : Move core files into core directory (login, menus, triggers, boxes, modules)
WARNING: To reduce technic debt, all functions dolibarr_xxx were renamed int dol_xxx.
***** ChangeLog for 3.1.1 compared to 3.1.0 *****
- New: Add option FACTURE_DEPOSITS_ARE_JUST_PAYMENTS. With this option added,
credit notes are not removed from total amount of invoice but are just
payments used to reducs remain to pay.
- New: Added hidden option MAIN_FIX_FOR_BUGGED_MTA to fix bugged MTA.
- Fix: Removed warnings during install.
- Fix: State into address of paypal payments were lost.
- Fix: Currency into paypal payments were always euros.
- Fix: Removed Bare LF from emails sent with smtps method.
- Fix: Can show report on selected period.
- Fix: product removed from list after deleted into order.
- Fix: [bug #270] PostgreSQL backend try to connect throught TCP socket for
- Fix: price was not without tax when using multiprice into POS module.
- Fix: Can delete bank account.
- Fix: [ bug #277 ] Year dropdown in table header of supplier invoices.
- Fix: Some other very minor fixes.
***** ChangeLog for 3.1 compared to 3.0 *****
WARNING: IE6 browser is no more supported in this version.
For users:
- New: War against number of clicks:
- When adding a free bank transaction, form to add next one is still
visible (save one click).
- task #10969 : Add checkbox to close automatically invoice if
payment is complete (save 3 clicks).
- Reduce a step into supplier order workflow to save time. If user
has permission to approve, order is approved when order is validated.
(Save 2 clicks).
- In commercial main menu, left menu are already opened. This save one click
to open a proposal or order.
- Can add a discount for third party, during invoice edition (and we
saved clicks again).
- When creating a contract, sales representative are preset to user. This save
4 clicks.
- Can edit several fields in bank transaction line page into one update.
- Creation of contacts from third party page go back to third party.
- Preselect model if there is only one. This save 2 clicks.
- Can remove a project if project has tasks. No need to delete task one by one.
- New: Enhance donation module. Add a status "canceled".
- New: Add filters on all statistics report pages.
- New: If a service contains subproducts, subpoducts are decrease when service
is decrease.
- New: Add status for third parties to disable a third party.
- New: Can send interventions cards by email.
- New: Increase list of available notifications into module Notifications.
- New: Add option MAIN_FIRST_TO_UPPER to force upper case of first
letters for names and firstname.
- New: Can filter of payment type in bank transaction list.
- New: Status of users is visible into user list.
- New: Support BSB code for bank account in Australia.
- New: Can set date of payment for autocreate invoice/payment when
creating a foundation subscription.
- New: Can edit note of payment.
- New: Option to make login not mandatory in member module.
- New: Add box for last members for foundation module.
- New: A specialized menu can now be used when using smartphones.
- New: Can add information on current user on ODT generation.
- New: Prefix on third party is not used by default. Hidden option
SOCIETE_USEPREFIX can restore old feature.
- New: Standing orders module use bank account from banks module.
- New: Ask password when creating a user from a contact.
- New: task #10577: Use a numbering module for shipment and contract.
- New: Can create manually order from proposal.
- New: Add a first workflow module to create automatic action on some
events (create order on proposal closing).
- New: Use autocompletion on invoice select when creating replacement
or credit note invoice.
- New: task #10885: Add a week view for calendar.
- New: task #11018: Add a status "not applicable" on events.
- New: Add subscriptions/country/region/town statistics for member module.
- New: Can define a proxy for external web access.
- New: task #11003: checkbox on checks for deposit.
- New: Add status into export. Add third party default language into export.
- New: Can filter on date and bank account when building check receipts.
- New: task #10958 : Add link to cheque receipts into bank transaction
line if exists
- New: Can import external ical url into dolibarr agenda view.
- New: Can add a logo on third parties card.
- New: task #11194 : Can delete uploaded photos
- New: task #9744 : Add the barcode to select products on Point of Sale module
- New: Subscription/Unsubscription to mailman mailing-list can be done on
validate/resiliate in foundation module.
- New: Can use extrafields on third parties.
- New: Add chart to report counts by status on element home area pages.
- New: Look: Usage of Jquery Notify to show result or error messages on action.
- New: Look: Minor enhancements into agenda view.
- New: Look: Nicer tooltips with transparency and shadow.
- New: task #11004: Create invoice from intervention.
- New: task #10501: Can use point of sale with different bank accounts.
- Fix: Better Postgresql compatibility.
- Fix: Numbering module for invoices use same number for invoice
and credit note if mask is same.
- Fix: Debug and clean withdraw module.
- Fix: Allow access permission for point of sale module.
- Fix: Permissions issues with suppliers.
- Fix: Admin dict data is showing with active language
For developers:
- New: External modules can add tabs on agenda views.
- New: External modules can also remove default tabs.
- New: External modules can force skin directory so force their own skins.
- New: External modules can add their own menu manager.
- New: External modules can force menu manager.
- New: External modules can overwrite all default language files by
forcing priority on langs directories on its own lang directory.
- New: External modules can show export list with an "enabled" condition.
- New: Support a backtopage parameter on contact creation page.
- New: Add id on div to show logo.
- New: Install wizard can activate a module at end of install.
- New: Dictionnary setup works with very large external dictionnaries (Add
page navigation).
- New: Add api to draw graphics with javascript (using Jquery Flot).
- New: Can add user login into menu urls added by modules.
For translators:
- New: Add fa_IR language.
- Fix: Move language ar_AR to ar_SA, sv_SV to sv_SE and da_Da to da_DK.
***** ChangeLog for 3.0 compared to 2.9 *****
For users:
- New: Can edit date of cheque receipts.
- New: Add Sales journal and Purchase journal report.
- New: Can create supplier invoice from supplier order.
- New: Support login by openid
- New: Support "full day" event in calendar module.
- New: Add a weather on dashboard.
- New: Add a Paypal module.
- New: Can choose third party to use in point of sale module during logon.
- New: A lot of enhancements into ECM module:
Directories can contains special characters,
Speed enhancements,
Directories can be created outside of Dolibarr, refresh button will
update database,
Can rename a file.
- New: Reordering lines in invoice, orders, commercial proposal is faster (use Ajax
- New: Can import members using assistant.
- New: Can exclude deposit, replacement or credit notes in script rebuild_merge_pdf.
- New: task #10473 : Option MAIN_PROFIDx_IN_ADDRESS must no more be hidden.
- New: Can generate business card for on particular member.
- New: Task #10553 : Can attach files on members card.
- New: Can filter on payment type and bank account in payment lists.
- New: When sending supplier orders by mail, a text is predefined.
- New: Upgrade process works with Postgresql.
- New: Task #10538: Add filter on expiration date of subscription for
foundation module email selector.
- New: Task #9643: Add 2 status (tosell/tobuy) on products instead of only
1 status for both selling and buying.
- New: Can input payment conditions on several lines.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_LOGOUT_GOTO_URL to set the exit url after
a logout.
- New: For germany, we invert order of address.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_SERVICES_ARE_ECOMMERCE_200238EC.
- New: Support NPR in customer product prices.
- New: Add more volume units (ounce, gallon, inch, feet, ...)
- New: Delivery date accepts hours and minutes.
- New: Can add a comment on stock dispatching to be save into stock movements.
- New: Can filter product list with too low stocks.
- New: Add option to send all emails sent to a bulk carbon copy.
- New: Preview of emails sent by member module is shown.
- New: task #10100 : Add button to create invoice from a subscription
- New: Reorganize tabs on third parties.
- New: Option MAIN_INVERT_SENDER_RECIPIENT is available in einstein pdf template.
- New: Easier way to define url for clicktodial module.
- New: Add a fckeditor test area in fckeditor module setup.
- New: Add property "Event on full day" on agenda
- New: Enhancement and better compatibility (google, thunderbird) for agenda export.
- New: Can use image editor on user photo.
- New: Task #10796: Add Spain ProfId1 Verification
- New: Page "supplier summary" is now available.
- New: Task #10611: Add option to choose order of field in bank account info on PDF
- New: If a transaction was reconciliated and should not, there was no way to reverse error.
- New: Ubuntu package now works also on debian.
- Perf: Avoid reading database to determine country code after each
page call.
- Fix: Special chars are now supported in ECM module for filename (not yet for
- Fix: Better Postgresql compatibility.
- Fix: Box order is saved when moved.
- Fix: Database name can contains "-" characters.
- Fix: In coloring negative amounts.
- Fix: Date input use date format of user and not dd/mm/yyyy format.
- Fix: Fixed a very old bug making file attachment fails with some emails
readers when using "mail php function".
- Fix: When cloning commercial proposal, due date is creation date + delay
by default.
- Fix: Can edit ordering methods.
For translators:
- New: Update and complete slovenian language sl_SL.
- New: Add full manually translated files for de_AT en de_DE (thanks to
- New: Create the language ja_JP.
- New: Add el_GR language.
For developers:
- New: Add jquery by default.
- New: Removed PWC libraries.
- New: Removed Scriptaculous libraries.
- New: Removed Prototype libraries.
- New: Add first Selenium GUI tests.
- New: Enhance a lot of internal function to build external modules
more easily.
- New: Add a user field ref_ext in object tables to allow external
systems to store their id and make self-developed synchronizing
functions easier to build.
- New: Local user timezone is saved into session (not used yet).
- New: Works with Mysql 5.5.
- Qual: Menu system code is simpler.
- Qual: Mutualize some duplicate code.
- Qual: Renamed some fields into database to be more internationnal.
- Qual: Removed deprecated code.
***** ChangeLog for 2.9 compared to 2.8 *****
For users:
- New: POS module allow to choose which warehouse to use.
- New: Support "Department/State" field on company setup, contact,
bank account and members card.
- New: Can reopen a refused/canceled supplier order.
- New: Add Gant diagramm on project module.
- New: Add a new mode for automatic stock increase: Can be increased
on dispatching of products from a supplier order receipt.
- New: Can set a past delay to limit calendar export.
- New: Can attach files on emailing campaigns.
- New: Add statistics on trips and expenses module.
- New: Can reopen a closed customer order.
- New: Add module externalsite to add a web site/tools inside
menu and a Dolibarr frame.
- New: Can link trips and fees to a project.
- New: Add civility title in foundation module.
- New: Can set accountancy code for product (buy and sell).
- New: Can filter third parties lists on categories.
- New: Can filter products and services lists on categories.
- New: task #10202 : Support categories for members.
- New: Can build documents for third parties (Using ODT templates, need PHP 5.2+).
- New: Support new products properties: length and area.
- New: Add the "payment due before" field in invoice exports.
- New: Add feature to resize or crop image files (for products photos)
- New: task #10113 : Show list of emailing on clicking on "number of mass emailing received"
- New: Add default language for third parties and use it when multilang is enabled
to define default language for document generation.
- New: Can reopen a closed supplier invoice.
- New: Move permission "see hidden categories" into "see hidden products/services".
- New: Can delete several files at once in FTP module.
- New: Add box "last contracts".
- New: Works even if Web hosting provider has disabled PHP "glob" function.
- New: Can now send supplier orders by email.
- New: task #10076 : Show content of message in notification module.
- New: Bank name is shown on invoice.
- New: IBAN value is called IFSC if country is India.
- New: Add option to choose to show firstname then name or name then firstname on PDF.
- New: Add company in fields exported by export of members tool.
- New: Reorganise bank menus.
- New: Bookmarks can be sorted on a particular order.
- New: Support spanish RE and IRPF taxes on invoices.
- New: Module category offers categories for foundation module.
- New: Can filter on category on third parties, products and members listings.
- New: A flag is visible before country labels.
- New: When activating a new module, permissions for admin user are set. This save
time when configuring Dolibarr.
- New: Dolibarr 2.9 is faster than 2.8.
- New: A lot of more predefined VAT values, states, regions for
miscelaneous contries.
- New: Enhance skin engine to make themes easier.
- New: Add images into menu "eldy".
- New: Auguria theme is now more modern.
- New: Update tools refers to but also web site.
- New: Postgresql experimental support seems to work completely.
- New: Changes in Dolibarr core to allow to use cache servers (see Memcached module on
- New: Default choice for interactive confirm box is yes by default, and no only for
delete actions. This reduce number of clicks required to validate actions and
is still safe to dangerous actions.
- Fix: Durations are correctly shown for languages using PM/AM dates.
- Fix: A lot of fixes in Point of Sale module.
- Fix: Debug experimental module widthrawal.
- Fix: Format number was wrong for ar_AR language.
- Fix: Can change password if user has only permission "change password".
- Fix: Project PDF document shows all tasks.
- Fix: bug #29278 : SMTP fails with IP instead of hostname.
- Fix: Default language on login page was wrong.
- Fix: Complete support of euros sign (even in PDF).
- Fix: Bad setup of phpMyAdmin for DoliWamp installer.
- Fix: Tracking number should be available on sending sheets.
- Fix: Stock value is not reset when product is transfered into other warehouse.
- Fix: A lot of not tracked bugs fixed.
- Fix: Some fixes in barcode management.
- Fix: Access to phpMyAdmin is now ok on new DoliWamp installation.
For translators:
- Fix: Major update of italian translation (it_IT).
- Fix: A lot of translation fixes in all languages.
- New: Added translations (sl_SL, is_IS).
- New: Add translations for the DoliWamp installer.
For developers:
- More comments in code.
- Uniformize some code.
- All arrays "lignes" were renamed into "lines".
- Delete all useless files (this also increase speed).
- Fix W3C errors in page forging.
- Qual: Mutualize code of menu managers.
- Better isolation of modules files and dolibarr core files.
- Task #8682 : Remove functions unix_timestamp.
- The makepack tool now make pack with UID 500.
- More css class and div to output menu to allow more skins.
- Generated documentation can be build from Eclipse using Doxygen plugin.
- Snapshot is provided with PHPunit tests.
- A lot of class files (*.class.php) has moved into subdirectories. So If you use
or develop non official modules that includes Dolibarr classes, you will have to rename
path to thoose classes into the include function.
- Also, parameters of the "fetch()" method for class "User" has changed to reflect
other fetch methods.
- If you build a personalised themes, you must rename the style sheet into style.css.php.
- This version is also the last one to support PHP 4.*, Mysql 3.1, IE6.
Dolibarr 3.* will be supported with PHP 5+ and MySql 4.1+ only.
***** ChangeLog for 2.8.1 compared to 2.8 *****
For users:
- Fix: Works on database with _ in name.
- Fix: Broken feature in trips and expense module.
- Fix: Can use $ in database and login/pass values.
- Fix: No error on upgrade if there is orphelins tasks.
- Fix: Failed to login when user agent string was longer than 128.
- Fix: bug #29526 : Numérotation Proposition Incorrecte après duplication
***** ChangeLog for 2.8 compared to 2.7 *****
For users:
- New: Support note on trips module
- New: Can link contacts to projects
- New: Can removed attached file on email form if attachment was wrong.
- New: Add option to show your logo on top of left menu.
- New: task #9935: Can edit accountancy code.
- New: Add an option to make users email required.
- New: Module notification can send email on order or proposal validation.
- New: Can use any command line antivirus on file upload.
- New: A customer can also be a prospect.
- New: task #9802 : Can link an action to a project and use project to
filter agenda.
- New: Project can be set on contract creation.
- New: Initial sold can be conciliated on bank module.
- New: Add a default errors-to email for emailing module.
- New: Can filter on user on stock movement list.
- New: When creating a third party from a member, it is set as a new
- New: Can use {tttt} in numbering mask setup. It will be replaced
with third party type.
- New: VAT number is stored in one field. This is more "international".
- New: task #9782 : Add possibility to delete a warehouse.
- New: task #9640 : Add label for stock movements.
- New: task #9916 : Add FREE text for interventions card.
- New: Can define the new product ref when cloning.
- New: Project module support status of project and end date.
- New: Provide a ubuntu package.
- New: Add link to check a SIREN for french users.
- New: Add link "now" to fill date when creating invoices.
- Fix: Import module works even if prefix is empty in source file.
- Fix: bug #28055 : Unable to modify the date of a cloned command.
- Fix: bug #27891.
- Fix: Change of numbering module was not effective.
- Fix: Change error management when adding already used supplier ref
for a product.
- Fix: Running sending-email.php
- Fix: Warning should not appears for invoice closed
- Fix: Import for companies works even with prefix empty.
- Fix: bug #28895 : Création d'utilisateur impossible.
- Fix: Can change password if has only permission change password.
For developers:
- Qual: Reorganize /dev directory.
- Qual: Change the way items are linked together.
- Qual: The login page now use a template in /core/template/login.tpl.php.
- New: Modules can add their own tab on projects cards.
- New: Add management of triger FICHEINTER_VALIDATE
***** ChangeLog for 2.7.1 compared to 2.7 *****
For users:
- Fix: Bad decimal management for it_IT and fr_BE languages.
- Fix: A third party created from a member is created as a
- Fix: Change of numbering module was not effective.
- Fix: Report of balance missing supplier invoices.
- Fix: Running sendmaing-email.php script.
- Fix: Detection of country for IBAN management.
- Fix: Update member photo.
***** ChangeLog for 2.7 compared to 2.6 *****
For users:
- New: Add a print icon to show a page to print without menus.
- New: Can add a free text on bank cheque receipts.
- New: Price level can be defined also for prospects.
- New: Add a help and support center.
- New: Can export commercial proposals.
- New: Can use a cache for xcal exports.
- New: Option for faster confirmation process with one ajax popup.
- New: Complete theme bluelagoon and rodolphe
- New: Can select third parties emails in emailing module for all
third parties with expired contract's lines.
- New: Can add a field errors-to in emailing.
- New: Can use inline images in emails.
- New: Add predefined invoices (can be use for repeated invoices).
- New: Add a confirmation when cloning products.
- New: Add stock in product lists.
- New: Can filter list of stock movement on date or product.
- New: Added a link from product list to their stock movements.
- New: Several speed enhancements after using the Google Page speed
plugin for FireBug.
- New: Add a confirmation on dangerous admin purge feature.
- New: Add navigation on donation sheets.
- New: Added estimated value for stocks.
- New: Added module Gravatar to found photo of users or members
from their email on
- New: Include Dolibarr version in suggested dump filename.
- New: Enhancement in project module.
- New: Add log tab on emailing module.
- New: Minor enhancements in look themes.
- New: Add option to hide help in menu.
- New: Added a "force LDAP synchronize" on member and contact cards.
- New: Can split a discount into two smaller discount. This allows to use a
discount on an invoice even if invoice amount is lower than discount
credit available.
- New: Can use variables into the free text on PDF (__TOTAL_TTC_, __TOTAL_VAT...)
- New: Increase page loading speed (all changes reported by Google PageSpeed
tool has been added).
- New: Add support of constant MAIN_ONLY_LOGIN_ALLOWED to allow to lock all
access to any users except the one defined in constant.
- New: Add an admin page of PHP sessions with a way to lock new connections
for other users than yourself. Can also purge existing sessions.
- New: Add point of sale module.
- New: Better usage when using with smartphones.
- New: Add module FTP client.
- New: Can set first day of week.
- New: Installer now create a .htaccess to protect documents directory.
- New: Experimental support for Postgresql.
- New: Full support of SMTPS (can works with Google SMTP).
- Fix: "Now" link works when date popup is not used.
- Fix: Debug seriously the email notification module.
- Fix: Error Call to a member function trans when refusing a supplier order.
- Fix: Fix payment conditions on commercial proposals.
- Fix: Nb of orders to process was wrong.
- Fix: Customer code was not correct on PDF it if contains special
- Fix: Can update price even with "NPR" VAT rates.
- Fix: When product type is missing, description is not lost when adding
new product lines.
- Fix: CC and BCC in emails was not used if using SMTPS handler.
- Fix: Last character was lost when text end with n or r.
- Fix: LDAP synchronization is now more robust (transaction and
use modify instead of delete/add).
- Fix: Fix: Setup of member synchronization does not conflict
with contact or user synchronization.
For translators:
- Update some language files.
- Can accept right to left languages. Added an "automatic" arabe translation.
For developers:
- An external module can force the third party code to be required whatever
is the rule of third party code module.
- Update fckeditor to 2.6.4.
- Update Smarty to 2.6.26.
- Removed some deprecated code and files.
- Creation of directory in module descriptor is simpler.
- Can use an alternate document_root directory to develop with
sources on two repositories.
- Removed useless code of old commercial module.
- Move some modules into the CVS modules repository dolibarrmod. This reduces
amount of code in main branch.
- Updated wiki documentation.
- Better W3C standard.
- Can add init data when enabling a module.
- Can fix some corruptions in database by calling the update page
- Log files contains more information (PHP_SELD added and OS user used for
log of command lines scripts)
- Can protect a module to not being enabled if javascript disabled.
- If module numberwords is installed, code can use langs->getLabelFromNumber
to get value of an amount in text.
- A module can add subsitution keys in makesubsitutions() functions.
- Add $conf->browser->phone defined to optimise code for smartphone browsers.
- All external libs are now in same directory /includes.
- All install files are now in same directory /install.
***** ChangeLog for 2.6 compared to 2.5 *****
For users:
- New: Add filter on status in emailing selector for Dolibarr users.
- New: Can add bookmarks on all pages.
- New: Enhance bank transactions reporting.
- New: When creating a contact from a third party, informations from third
party card are automatically suggested.
- New: Sort list of languages in combo box.
- New: EMails links are show with function dol_print_email
- New: Add graph report on number of entities in product statistics page.
- New: Can delete a supplier order whatever is its status.
- New: No limit on free text on PDF generated documents.
- New: Can force login value when creating a user from a member.
- New: Can clone commercial proposals and orders.
- New: Major enhancement of project module.
- New: Added product label in invoice exports fields.
- New: Add VAT number in export fields.
- New: Upgrade FPDF to 1.6
- New: Upgrade Scriptaculous to 1.8.2 and Prototype to
- New: Added keywords in PDF.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_COMPRESSION.
- New: Add attachments on intervention cards.
- New: Can add personalized fields in emailing selectors.
- New: Customer code and supplier code can be defined automatically.
- New: Emailing feature can extract civility from contacts.
- New: Can create a third party from a member of foundation module.
- New: Can set a limit for stock alert to 0.
- New: Support SMTPS.
- New: Added a page /support to provide a help center service on Dolibarr.
- New: Distinct status "running not expired" from "running expired" in lines
contract status.
- New: Add a first version of a module for Paybox.
- New: Can add contact to suppliers orders.
- New: Changes to support the external Bit Torrent module.
- New: Can filter on social contribution type in list.
- New: Upload of joined files need create/modify permissions to work.
- New: For admin users, show the SQL request in export build.
- New: Can modify proposal date if status is draft.
- New: The help link on some pages now links directly to the wiki web page.
- New: Enhancements in barcode module.
- New: Can use decimal values in stocks.
- Fix: Partial payment on social contributions not shown on main page.
- Fix: Handle correctly the comment in status changing of supplier orders.
- Fix: Author, title and topic are correctly encoded in PDF.
- Fix: Now HTML output is always UTF8, this solve bad PDF encoding on old
- Fix: Save new model when changed on interventions.
- Fix: Failed to go on the future view of bank transaction if there is no
future bank transaction already wrote.
- Fix: Bad ref in supplier list.
- Fix: Bad link in product statistics for supplier referrers.
- Fix: Usage of reset of cursor in personalized numbering modules for a particular
month (@ option) was broken.
- Can add contacts to a supplier invoice.
- Fix: When an invoice is changed back to status draft, warehouse is increased
- Fix: Category of a bank transaction was not saved.
- Fix: Clicktodial plugin works correctly now
- Fix: Multiprices features works correctly.
- Fix: Project module and task creation.
- Fix: Validation of order if a file was attached.
- Fix: A lot of fixes in PDF generators.
- Fix: Bad line/page break with long description of products on PDF.
- Fix: Option force invoice date to validation date working correctly.
- Fix: Creation of a member from the example public page works.
For translators:
- Added 10 more new language files.
- Added autotranslator tool. A tool to build/update automatically
languages files using Google API for a new language. Wonderful to start a
new translation.
For developers:
- Removed some deprecated files.
- Removed treemenu library.
- Renamed all function dolibarr_xxx into dol_xxx to have same prefix everywhere.
- Rewrite clone feature for supplier invoice to work like other clone features.
- First change to manage a future feature "stock PMP value".
- A module can add a new tab in third party view tabs.
- First change for future geoip module.
***** ChangeLog for 2.5 compared to 2.4 *****
For users:
- Sessions timeout can be configured to overwrite PHP setup.
- Can filter on date in services list.
- Support bookmark add of product cards.
- Enhancement in stock management (Automatic increase/decrease
from order or invoice is possible).
- New filter options in prospect lists (category and level).
- New view in ECM module.
- Look enhancements for graphics (add transparency).
- Added statistics report for supplier invoices.
- Added average amount in invoices statistics reports.
- Can move a contract line to another contract of same third party.
- Add an export definition to export interventions.
- Can set umask file permissions on Unix/Linux/BSD systems.
- Miscelanous bug fixes.
- A lot of other enhancements to increase productivity.
- All phone numbers show the clicktodial link if module is enabled.
- Can define hour and minutes in intervention cards.
- Can edit a validated intervention.
- Add filters on intervention list.
- Add juridical status and number of employees in third party
export definition.
- A lot of enhancements and translation in withdraw module.
- Full support of Mysql option mode=strict.
- Added a new event from member module to agenda tracked events.
- Can attach a file to suppliers orders.
- Change to make Bank Account Number form more "internationnal".
- Can clone an invoice.
- Can clone an emailing.
- Reduce memory usage (about 2%).
- Add weight and size in sendings module.
- Add a fast search form on left menu for member module.
- Fix: Do not show export filter for disabled modules
- Show greyed lines for not allowed export filters.
- Add nature in product fields (manufactured product or not).
- Add export filters for category module and trip and expenses module.
- Can choose login of dolibarr account created when create from contact
For translators:
- The errors language file contains only error or warning messages with
prefix Error or Warning.
- HTML Output is by default in UTF8 and language files can be provided
in UTF8.
For developers:
- Update skeletons (some fixes and add function createFromClone).
- Add an experimental Cash Desk module.
- Added new triggers events in agenda module.
- All submodules are moved in the includes directory.
- Removed some deprecated files.
- Menu managers now use same class name for their menu entry
and add a different value in an HTML id for each entry. This allows
to build skins that use different style for each menu entry.
- All emails and url HTML output use same function.
- Add more integrity check on database
- Can disable modules on logon page. This make possible to
have several profiles of demo with only one demo. Also added a new
Dolibarr demo front page (in htdocs/public/demo).
- Allow modules to add new tabs.
***** ChangeLog for 2.4 compared to 2.2 *****
For users:
- Add a calendar module (module agenda) with ical/vcal/rss export.
- Look enhancement in graphics (thanks artichow).
- Add tel and fax on delivery addresses.
- Add a tool to edit personalized menu.
- Add an ical and vcal export link in agenda and webcalendar module.
- Reduce memory usage.
- Now triggers are enabled/disabled according to module they refers to.
- Fix infinite loop on popup calendar.
- Change in tanslation to make Dolibarr easier to understand.
- Add a warning when sending a mail from a user with no email defined.
- Added clicktodial module.
- Add a property private/public in contact. This allows to user Dolibarr
for a personnal address book.
- French NAF code can accept 5 chars.
- Supplier prices can be input with or without taxe.
- New generic numbering modules to offer more solutions for generating
automatic id.
- Add new predefined exports wizards (stocks, suppliers, taxes...).
- Add feature to log security events (logon, change of users, passwords).
- Can link all documents (included supplier invoices and orders) to a
- Can attach several files to email when sending an invoice, order or
proposal by email.
- Can choose accuracy (number of decimals) for prices.
- Localization for decimal and thousand delimiter on number is fully
- More informations reported in system information pages.
- Add a budget report.
- Added a security audit report.
- Other minor changes (features, look, fixes)
- Added compatibility with Firefox 3.
- Changes for compatibility with PHP6/Mysql6.
- Some bug fixes.
For translators:
- Added spanish es_ES translation.
- Added en_AU translation.
For developers:
- Removed useless code:
Replaced phplot and phplot5 librairies by artichow.
Removed cryptograph library replaced by artichow.
- Login functions are now externalised as modules.
- Update code skeletons examples.
- Several enhancements to make addon development easier.
- Add a tool to generate PHP classes completely mapped to a table.
- Added a check to enable external modules only if dolibarr version is
high enough.
- Changes in wizard installer to allow building autoexe installer for
Windows with Apache and Mysql included.
***** ChangeLog for 2.2 compared to 2.1 *****
- Add more statistics on main page.
- Add option to add message on login page.
- Management of categories for third parties.
- Add volume on products properties.
- Support for LDAP authentication.
- Full member synchronisation with LDAP database in
fundation module.
- More LDAP fields supported for user synchronization.
- Better logger for install.
- First changes to support UTF8.
- Add a "forget password" feature.
- Setup process can run several migrate files if need
to jump several versions to upgrade.
- Support for webcalendar 1.1 in webcalendar module.
- Support for menu in database.
- Better support for using Dolibarr on more WHP.
- Removed some deprecated files and clean code.
- New theme: Auguria
- Removed PHP warnings.
- Some bugs fixes.
- Traduction more complete.
- Better code comments for Doxygen documentation.
- Better support of vcard export format.
- A lot of security enhancements (no more password in log files,
crypted password in database, in config file...).
- Themes are full CSS compliant.
- A lot of other minor changes...
- Option to scan uploaded document by an antivirus.
- Transparency for picto files works with IE.
- Can drag and drop boxes on main page.
***** ChangeLog for 2.1 compared to 2.0.1 *****
- Added a better installer.
- Support user and groups permissions.
- Translation in english and support for several languages.
- New enhanced look and several new themes.
- Small search boxes for each Dolibarr elements (invoices, contracts,
orders, proposals...)
- Added an export assistant module to export main dolibarr data.
- Added backup tool to backup database via mysqldump.
- Added product categories management with a categorie tree.
- Management of companies' discounts (relative or absolute).
- Support credit note and discounts (relative and absolute) on
commercial proposal, orders and invoices.
- Support multi-langual description for products.
- Graphical enhancements (picto to describe all status).
- Added more permissions (ie: can restrict access for a commercial user
to elements of its companies only).
- Little enhancements to OSCommerce module.
- Added a second OSCommerce module working through web services.
- Added a Mantis module to have a Mantis application in Dolibarr menu.
- Building a PDF document for invoices works like other modules. You
can change model just before generating the PDF.
- Can generate documents (PDF) for customer orders. Can send them by mail.
- Added FPDI and FPDI_Protection (ie: PDF with password-protection)
- Can make one payment for several supplier invoices.
- Rule to suggests passwords when creating a user are in modules
allowing to add easily other rules.
- Option to encrypt passwords in database (MD5).
- Add Dolibarr triggers support on users creation/change.
- Add Dolibarr triggers support on payments.
- Add Dolibarr triggers on supplier and customers orders.
- Webcalendar triggers for actions on Member module.
- Support optionnal new javascript popup selector for date fields.
- Support for several RSS boxes in external RSS module. Setup easier.
- Can attach documents on Action, Orders, Invoices, Commercial proposals.
- Can attach contacts on proposals, orders, contracts, invoices.
- Preview on results of PDF generator modules in setup pages.
- Code cleaner. Remove unused or duplicate code.
- Save and show last connexion date for users.
- Enhancements on a lot of forms for better ergonomy.
- Can add/remove company logo.
- Added LDAP synchronisation for users, groups and/or contacts.
- Can configure your own SMTP server/port for mail sendings.
- Works even on "UTF8 by default" systems (Mysql, Linux...)
- Better compatibility with different PHP version or setup.
- Added mysqli driver.
- Add a WISIWYG editor (FCKEditor) to edit note and comment areas.
- Added AJAX features like a 'search product selector'.
- Modules boxes on main page can be dragged and dropped (with firefox only).
- Support for PHP5.
- Experimental support for Postgresql (not working yet, but waiting feedbacks).
- Removed obsolete files and documentation.
- Added admin tools (backup and files purge).
- Added a tool to build a lang package.
- Added a tool to build a module package.
- Added a tool to build a theme package.
- Traduction more complete.
- Added skeletons for code examples.
- Lot of fixes after 2.0 release not fixed in 2.0.1.
- Added more security option (ie: encrypted password in database)
***** ChangeLog for 2.0.1 compared to 2.0 *****
Minor bug fixes
***** ChangeLog for 2.0 compared to 1.0 *****
ChangeLog file size is so important, that it is not included inside Dolibarr
package. You can find it at
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