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A bunch of random stuff I made which, I hope, will be helpful to someone... somewhere...

gifsurface - Support for animated gifs in pygame.

pathfind - A pathfinding algorithm using A*. Not well documented.
I use it in the google AI challange (Ants)

prime_eff - A pretty efficient way to get all prime numbers up to n using pure python only + itertools.

shunting - A shunting yard algorithm implementation for converting infix to postfix notation.
Useful for mathematical or logical expressions. Handles parentheses. Not well documented.

vector - A hopefully easy to use vector class for computations with vectors.
I made it a long time ago and would probably change few things in there...

CachedSystemRandom - An efficient cryptographically secure random number generator.

randomShapes - A screensaver showing randomly generated "shapes". Pretty nice to watch.

snake - A simple snake-like game on wrapped map with centered camera. Brings a new
        feel to the old snake. Control the snake with arrows and try to eat food
        before it's too late...