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We follow the principles of Domain Driven Design. We also translate the core into the functional world.

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  1. dda-pallet is a DevOps system for cloud image provisioning, test driven DevOps and continuous server configuration. dda-pallet allows to build your own abstraction layer very easily as pure data to…

    Clojure 18 2

  2. A crate for testing multiple server nodes against a given spec. Test can be executed local, remote against servers or you may even use remote tested servers as probes.

    Clojure 10 4

  3. provision git repositories to an existing- or cloud-target. Module of dda-pallet.

    Clojure 4 1

  4. dda-k8s-crate installs & configures all in one server k8s on a ubuntu system. Your setup will be reproducable and can be defined as data.

    Clojure 6

  5. framework for data-driven tests

    Clojure 9

  6. common lib for devops builds using pythons pybuilder, terraform, docker and gopass

    Python 2


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