provision git repositories to an existing- or cloud-target. Module of dda-pallet.
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Usage Summary
Detailed How-to
Targets config example
Git config example


dda-pallet is compatible to the following versions

  • pallet 0.9
  • clojure 1.9
  • (x)ubuntu 18.04


This crate can clone & manage git repositories in name of defined users on target systems. Features are:

  • clone repositories from various git providers
  • configure users global git settings like signing key, name or email
  • establish trust to repository servers
  • auto-sync (pull & push) repositories using cron
  • support ssh, https public, https user/password transport
  • reconfigure origin remote url of existing repositories

Usage Summary

  1. Download the jar-file from the releases page of this repository (e.g. curl -L -o dda-git-crate.jar
  2. Create the files git.edn (Domain-Schema for your desktop) and target.edn (Schema for Targets to be provisioned) according to the reference and our example configurations. Please create them in the same folder where you've saved the jar-file. For more information about these files refer to the corresponding information below.
  3. Start the installation:
java -jar dda-git-crate.jar --targets targets.edn git.edn

Detailed How-to

You can find a more detailed howto here:


The configuration consists of two files defining both WHERE to install the software and WHAT to install.

  • targets.edn: describes on which target system(s) the software will be installed
  • git.edn: describes which repositories will be installed

You can download examples of these configuration files from
example-targets.edn and
example-serverspec.edn respectively.

Targets config example

Example content of file targets.edn:

{:existing [{:node-name "test-vm1"            ; semantic name
             :node-ip ""}]       ; the ip4 address of the machine to be provisioned
 :provisioning-user {:login "initial"         ; account used to provision
                     {:plain "secure1234"}}} ; optional password, if no ssh key is authorized

Git config example

Example content of file git.edn:

 {:user-email ""
  :repo  {:books
          [{:host ""
            :orga-path "DomainDrivenArchitecture"
            :repo-name "ddaArchitecture"
            :protocol :https
            :server-type :github}]
          [{:host ""
            :orga-path "DomainDrivenArchitecture"
            :repo-name "dda-serverspec-crate"
            :protocol :https
            :server-type :github}
  :synced-repo  {:password-store
                 [{:host ""
                   :orga-path "DomainDrivenArchitecture"
                   :repo-name "password-store-for-teams"
                   :protocol :https
                   :server-type :github}]}}}

Watch log for debug reasons

In case any problems occur, you may want to have a look at the log-file: less logs/pallet.log


Some details about the architecture: We provide two levels of API.

  • Domain-Level-API: Domain is a high-level API with many build in conventions.
  • Infra-Level-API:: If this conventions don't fit your needs, you can use our low-level infra API and realize your own conventions.


You can define provisioning targets using the targets-schema

Domain API

You can use our conventions as a starting point: see domain reference

Infra API

Or you can build your own conventions using our low level infra API. We will keep this API backward compatible whenever possible: see infra reference


Copyright © 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 meissa GmbH Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License") Pls. find licenses of our subcomponents here