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The Domain Generator - Generates C++-11 source code for domain driven development.
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Dogen is a code generator designed to target domain models, inspired by the domain driven design methodology. Our main objective is to automate the modeling process as much as possible: the user creates domain models using a supported UML tool and respecting a set of predefined restrictions; Dogen then uses the tool’s diagram files to generate the source code representation. The generated code contains most of the services required from a typical C++ domain object such as serialisation, hashing, streaming and so on.

Please note that the code generated by Dogen is C++-11 only.

Useful Links

Obtaining Dogen

Please see section Obtaining Dogen for instructions on how to install binary packages or compile from source.


If you have problems using Dogen or suggestions on how to improve it, please use the github issues. If you are submitting a bug, please see the instructions in the manual on what information to provide.

If you would like to submit a patch for inclusion, please fork us on github and submit a pull request. If you are unable to do so, please create an issue and append the patch to it.

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