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Integrating The Module

To integrate the DNS Gateway Module on your cpanel or server please follow the instructions below.

  • Access to WHMCS admin area.
  • Gateway account with API access. (Sign up on, read and accept all terms and conditions and then request live or OT&E server credentials.)

NOTE: DNS Gateway has a production as well as a test server environment. The test server environment is called OT&E. We recommend that you setup and test the WHMCS Registrar module here before proceeding to a LIVE/PRODUCTION environment.

Integrating the Module on a CPANEL

Step 1

Note: Module names should be a single word, consisting of only lowercase letters and numbers. The name must start with a letter and must be unique.

  • Download the Module ( archive

  • Extract and rename the Gateway-WHMCS-master to dns_gateway and zip it again.

Step 2

Go to

 File Manager -> public_html -> modules -> registrars
Step 4

Upload the on the registrars directory

Step 5

Reload the page to view the changes.

Integrating the Module on a Server

Step 1

Go to your registrars directory

$cd /var/www/html/modules/registrars/
Step 2

Clone the module

sudo git clone
Step 3

Change the module name

sudo mv Gateway-WHMCS/ dns_gateway
Step 4

Restart apache

sudo systemctl restart apache2.service


To configure WHMCS for use with DNS Gateway, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin panel.

  2. Click on Setup menu, select Products/Services and click on Domain Registrars.

  3. Click on Activate next to DNS Gateway in the list: Activate Plugin

  4. Enter your DNS Gateway EPP username and password. If you wish to test the module before you go live, you can use your DNS Gateway O&TE username and password. Remember to check the "Enable OTE Testing Mode". Activate Plugin

  5. Optional Settings

  • If you encounter any issues with the module it is recommended that you enable DebugMode and check the logs under Utilities > Logs > Module Log. If this option is disabled the module will only be logging errors returned by the module.
  1. Click save changes

The DNS Gateway module is now ready for use and will function just like any other built-in WHMCS registrar module. You can now change DNS Gateway to be the automatic registrar and configure TLDs and services for all your customers.

To perform these actions, click on the Setup menu, select Products/Services and click on Domain Pricing in your WHMCS admin panel:

For more information please refer to

For support please contact

DNS Africa Ltd is a GBC1 private company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius and Domain Name Services (Pty) Ltd is a private company incorporated and based in South Africa. These two organizations fall under the DNS.Business umbrella. Together we are a specialised team of domain industry experts committed to providing our registry and registrar partners and clients with highly adaptable, robust and cost effective software solutions. For more about DNS Business please visit


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