This is a Bukkit Plugin that generates a flatlands like map that has the edge of chunks outlined.
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Flatlands Builder Version 0.8.0-R1.0

Hello this is a flatlands generator, best used with multiverse.
works with CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R04, This is yet to be updated as
this plugin is undergoing a major update.


Customisable height and block types.
Commands like WorldEdit's regen will regenerate the correct blocks.
World sizes are not restricted.
Only generates chunks as required.
Supports arbitrary height worlds, max height of 128 blocks only at the moment.
Supports data values of block ids by use of ':' between them ie. 'wool:8'. Numeric IDs only.
Will accept height only config, will use plugin defaults for Blocks ID's.

Any bugs please send a bug report to and I will fix it a soon as
possible ;)